Combined Federal Campaign Donors 2005

The following is a list of donors who made generous contributions to the AHA through the Combined Federal Campaign since May 2005. Their special support is gratefully acknowledged by the Association. Because of the complexities of the reporting process, the list includes names of those who contributed to the campaign from May 16, 2005 through October 27, 2006.

Jodi L. Abbott
Mitchell E. Brown
Kevin M. Collins
Michael S. Desplinied
Jerry L. Ellis
Kari L. Ellis
Jean Ferris
Sky Forre
Paul D Harrison
Mark Herrera
Lisa Hudgins
Tyler M. Johnson
James Klingaman
Adam C. Lyons
Jason E. Mohler
Paul Montavon
Bruce Morris
Christopher Norman
Michael S. Potts
Chris Rein
Jeremy Reppy
Gary A. Robinson II
Alicia F. Romero
Jason Weaver
Benjamin Wilcock
William E. Wilson
Steven D. Wilson