Council, Divisions, and Committees 2004


Jonathan D. Spence (Yale Univ.), president; James J. Sheehan (Stanford Univ.), president-elect; James M. McPherson (Princeton Univ.), past president; William J. Cronon (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison), vice president, Professional Division; Roy A. Rosenzweig (George Mason Univ.), vice president, Research Division; Patrick Manning (Northeastern Univ.) vice president, Teaching Division; Victoria Harden (National Institutes of Health); Kevin Reilly (Raritan Valley Community Coll.); Pamela M. Smith (Pomona Coll.); Stefan Tanaka (Univ. of California at San Diego); Quintard Taylor (Univ. of Washington); Myrna Ivonne Wallace Fuentes (Duke Univ.)

Professional Division

William J. Cronon, vice president; Stefan Tanaka, Council member; Peter Hoffer (Univ. of Georgia); Mary Lindemann (Carnegie Mellon Univ.); Denise J. Youngblood (Univ. of Vermont)

Research Division

Roy A. Rosenzweig, vice president; Victoria Harden, Council member; Karen Ordahl Kupperman (New York Univ.); Robert C. Ritchie (The Huntington Library); Lawrence Wolff (Boston Coll.)

Teaching Division

Patrick Manning, vice president; Kevin Reilly, Council member; Joan Arno (George Washington High Sch.); Keith C. Barton (Univ. of Cincinnati); Emily Tai (Queensborough Community Coll., CUNY)

Nominating Committee

Alice L. Conklin (Univ. of Rochester), chair; Antoinette Burton (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Olivia Remie Constable (Univ. of Notre Dame); Paula Findlen (Stanford Univ.); Michael Gonzales (Northern Illinois Univ.); Patricia Nelson Limerick (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder); Kenneth L. Pomeranz (Univ. of California at Irvine); Clarence Walker (Univ. of California at Davis); Anand Yang (Univ. of Washington)

Committee on Committees

James J. Sheehan, chair; Julia Clancy-Smith (Univ. of Arizona); Carole Fink (Ohio State Univ.); Peter F. Guardino (Indiana Univ.); Elaine Tyler May (Univ. of Minnesota)

Standing Committees

Committee on Affiliated Societies: James J. Sheehan, chair; Quintard Taylor, Council member; John Mears (Southern Methodist Univ.); Leisa Meyer (Coll. of William and Mary)

Committee on the Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Professorship in American History: T. H. Breen (Northwestern Univ.); David Hollinger (Univ. of California at Berkeley); Melvyn Leffler (Univ. of Virginia); Jonathan Spence, president; James Sheehan, president-elect

Committee on International Historical Activities:Dane Kennedy (George Washington Univ.), chair; John Coatsworth (Harvard Univ.); Cary Fraser (Penn State Univ.); Sonya Michel (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago); Reba Soffer (California State Univ. at Northridge)

Committee on Minority Historians: Carlton Wilson (North Carolina Central Univ.), chair; Sandra Jowers (Howard Univ.); Terence McIntosh (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Barbara Savage (Univ. of Pennsylvania); Andres Tijerina (Austin Community Coll.); Angela Wilson (Arizona State Univ.); Samuel Yamashita (Pomona Coll.)

Committee on Women Historians: Jan Lewis (Rutgers Univ. at Newark), chair; James Green (California State Univ. at Long Beach); Judith Jeffrey Howard (Arlington, Virginia); Leslie Pierce (Univ. of California at Berkeley); Annette Palmer (Morgan State Univ.); Laura York (UCLA)

Committee for Graduate Students: Myrna Ivonne Wallace Fuentes, chair; Sandra Jowers; Brenna L. Lissoway (Arizona State Univ.); Aaron Marrs (Univ. of South Carolina); Laura York (UCLA)

Joint AHA-OAH Committee on Part-time and Adjunct Employment:Juli A. Jones (St. Charles County Community Coll.), chair;From the AHA: Lois Banner (Univ. of Southern California); Delight Dodyk (Drew Univ.); Peter Hoffer (Professional Division liaison); Frank Karpiel (Ramapo Coll.); Amy J. Kinsel (North Seattle Community Coll.); Elizabeth Reis (Duke Univ.); From the OAH: Alice Kessler-Harris (Columbia Univ.); Gloria Miranda (El Camino Community Coll.); Elizabeth Nybakken (Old Dominion State Univ.); Howard Smead (Univ. of Maryland at Baltimore County); Lee Formwalt (executive director, OAH), ex officio.

Award Committees

Committee on the Herbert Baxter Adams Prize: Thomas Brady (Univ. of California at Berkeley), chair; Suzanne Desan (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Michael Geyer (Univ. of Chicago); John Gillis (Rutgers Univ.); Michael Metcalf (Univ. of Mississippi)

Committee on the AHA Prize in Atlantic History: David Eltis (Emory Univ.), chair; Eliga Gould (Univ. of New Hampshire); Jane Landers (Vanderbilt Univ.)

Committee on the George Louis Beer Prize: Carl Strikwerda (Univ. of Kansas), chair; Jay Winter (Yale Univ.); Thomas Borstelmann (Cornell Univ.); Sandi Cooper (Graduate Center, CUNY); Angela Woollacott (Case Western Reserve Univ.)

Committee on the Albert J. Beveridge Award and John H. Dunning Prize: Gunther Peck (Duke Univ.), chair; Jeremy Adelman (Princeton Univ.); Paul Dorsal (Univ. of South Florida); Grace Hale (Univ. of Virginia); Gloria Main (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder)

Committee on the Paul Birdsall Prize:James Tent (Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham), chair; Linda Frey (Univ. of Montana); Stephen Morillo (Wabash Coll.)

Committee on the James Henry Breasted Prize:Sara Lipton (SUNY, Stony Brook), chair; Karl Friday (Univ. of Georgia); William Klingshirn (Catholic Univ. of America); Warren Treadgold (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

Committee on the John Edwin Fagg Prize:Carlos Aguiree (Univ. of Oregon), chair; Timothy Coates (Coll. of Charleston); Allyson Poska (Mary Washington Coll.)

Committee on the John K. Fairbank Prize: Susan Mann (Univ. of California at Davis), chair; Tani Barlow (Univ. of Washington); Frederick Dickinson (Univ. of Pennsylvania); Susan Naquin (Princeton Univ.); Peter Perdue (MIT)

Committee on the Herbert Feis Award: John Grabowski (Case Western Reserve Univ.), chair; Douglas Arnold (Washington, D.C.); Dwight Pitcaithley (National Park Service); Stafford Poole (Vincentian Studies Inst.); Rickie Solinger (independent scholar)

Committee on the Morris D. Forkosch Prize:Jeffrey Auerbach (California State Univ. at Northridge), chair; David Armitage (Columbia Univ.); James Cronin (Boston Coll.); Paul Halliday (Univ. of Virginia); Pamela Scully (Denison Univ.)

Committee on the Leo Gershoy Award:Londa Schiebinger (Penn State Univ.), chair; David Bell (Johns Hopkins Univ); Ruth MacKay (San Francisco Daily Journal); Julius Ruff (Marquette Univ.); Jessica Riskin (Stanford Univ.)

Committee on the Joan Kelly Memorial Prize: Laura Frader (Northeastern Univ.), chair; Kathleen Brown (Univ. of Pennsylvania); Ruth Feldstein (Harvard Univ.); Donna Guy (Univ. of Arizona); Merry Wiesner-Hanks (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Committee on the Littleton-Griswold Prize: Barbara Welke (Univ. of Minnesota),chair; Michael Les Benedict (Ohio State Univ.); Sarah Barringer Gordon (Univ. of Pennsylvania); James Schmidt (Northern Illinois Univ.); John Wunder (Univ. of Nebraska)

Committee on the J. Russell Major Prize: Katrin Schultheiss (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago), chair; James Johnson (Boston Univ.); Tessie Liu (Northwestern Univ.)

Committee on the Helen and Howard R. Marraro Prize:From the ACHA: Frederick J. McGinness (Mount Holyoke Coll.), chair; From the AHA: Charles Stinger (SUNY, Buffalo); From the SIHS: David D. Roberts (Univ. of Georgia)

Committee on the George L. Mosse Prize: Craig Koslofsky (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), chair; Deborah Harkness (Univ. of California at Davis); Lloyd Kramer (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Committee on the Premio del Rey Prize: Thomas Burman (Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville), chair; Georgette Dorn (Library of Congress); Antonio Feros (Univ. of Pennsylvania); Lu Ann Homza (Coll. of William and Mary); Helen Nader (Univ. of Arizona)

Committee on the James Harvey Robinson Prize: Michael Kasprowicz (Morton Coll.), chair; William Everdell (St. Ann’s School); Colleen Sequin (Valparaiso Univ.); Martin Sherwin (Tufts Univ.); Tracy Weis (Millersville Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Committee on the Wesley-Logan Prize: From the AHA: Charles Ambler (Univ. of Texas at El Paso), chair; Eric Arneson (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago); Daryl Scott (Howard Univ.); From the ASALH: Walter Hill (National Archives and Records Administration); Stephanie Evans (Univ. of Florida)

Committee on the John O’Connor Film Award:John Chambers (Rutgers Univ.), chair; Donald F. Stevens (Drexel Univ.); Vanessa Schwartz (Univ. of Southern California)

Committee on the Nancy Roelker Mentorship Award: David K. Smith (Eastern Illinois Univ.), chair; William Benedicks (Tallahassee Community Coll.); Joel Blatt (Univ. of Connecticut); Estelle Freedman (Stanford Univ.); Tom Laichas (Crossroads Sch.)

Committee on Teaching Prizes: Stacy Cordery (Monmouth Coll.), chair; Carole Stanford Bucy (Volunteer State Community Coll.); Michele Forman (Middlebury Union High Sch.); Carl Pletsch (Univ. of Colorado at Denver); From SHE: Troy Johnson (California State Univ. at Long Beach)

Grant and Fellowship Committees

Committee on the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship:Anne Boylan (Univ. of Delaware), chair; Peter Bardaglio (Ithaca Coll.); Matthew Guteri (Indiana Univ.); Pauline Maier (MIT); Lisa Norling (Univ. of Minnesota)

Committee on the NASA Fellowship:From the AHA: Merritt Roe Smith (MIT), chair; Spencer Weart (Center for History of Physics); From the NCPH: Roger Launius (National Air and Space Museum); From SHOT: Peter Jakob (Smithsonian Inst., National Air and Space Museum); From the HSS: Pamela Mack (Clemson Univ.); From the OAH: Laura McEnaney (Whittier Coll.); From the EHA: Roger Ransom (Univ. of California at Northridge)

Committee on Research Grant Awards (U.S./Western Hemisphere grants): Sarah C. Chambers (Univ. of Minnesota), chair; Elliott Barkan (California State Univ. at San Bernardino); Cynthia Harrison (George Washington Univ.)

Committee on Research Grants Awards (Africa, Asia, and Europe Grants): Dennis Romano (Syracuse Univ.), chair; Tonio Andrade (Emory Univ.); Kerry Ward (Rice Univ.)

Ad Hoc and Joint Committees

Committee on Master’s Degrees in History: David Trask (Guilford Technical Community Coll.), chair; Thomas Bender (New York Univ.); Fritz Fischer (Univ. of Northern Colorado); Patricia Mooney-Melvin (Loyola Univ. Chicago); Colin Palmer (Princeton Univ.); Rosemarie Zagarri (George Mason Univ.); Carlton Wilson (North Carolina Central Univ.); Barbara Winslow (Brooklyn Coll., CUNY)

Program Committee, 2005: Paul Freedman (Yale Univ.), chair; Barbara Weinstein (Univ. of Maryland at College Park), co-chair; John L. Brooke (Ohio State Univ.); Sherman Gilbert Cochran (Cornell Univ.); Sharon Cohen (Walter Johnson High School); Evelyn Edson (Piedmont Valley Community Coll.); Karen Halttunen (Univ. of California at Davis); Mack Holt (George Mason Univ.); Gerald Horne (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Lynn Mally (Univ. of California at Irvine); Mrinalini Sinha (Penn State Univ.); Barbara Clark Smith (Smithsonian Inst.); Luise S. White (Univ. of Florida); 2006 chair and co-chair to be appointed

Task Force on Intellectual Property:Stanley Katz (Princeton Univ.), chair; Fred Cate (Indiana Univ.); Michael Grossberg (Indiana Univ.); James Grossman (Newberry Library); Mark Kornbluh (Michigan State Univ.); Michael Les Benedict (Ohio State Univ.); Page Putnam Miller (Univ. of South Carolina)

Task Force on Public History: Linda Shopes (Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission), chair; Victoria Harden (National Inst. of Health), co-chair; Michael H. Frisch (SUNY, Buffalo); Maureen Murphy Nutting (North Seattle Community Coll.); Noel Stowe (Arizona State Univ.); Jamil Zainaldin (Georgia Humanities Council)


Advisory Committee on Historical Diplomatic Documentation:Wm. Roger Louis (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies: Donald Raleigh (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

American Council of Learned Societies: Donald Ritchie (U.S. Senate Historical Office)

Canadian Historical Association: Scott See (Univ. of Maine)

Consortium of Social Science Associations: Lynn Hollen Lees (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Holmes Devise: Maeva Marcus (Supreme Court Historical Society)

International Committee of Historical Sciences: Dane Kennedy (George Washington Univ.)

National Historical Publications and Records Commission: Mary Maples Dunn (Schlesinger Library)

National History Center Planning Committee: Wm. Roger Louis; Maureen Murphy Nutting

Social Science Research Council: Frederick Cooper (Univ. of Michigan)

AHA Executive Director Arnita A. Jones is an ex officio member of all the committees.

Board of Editors, American Historical Review

Edward A. Alpers (UCLA); Kathleen Canning (Univ. of Michigan); Susan Deans-Smith (Univ. of Texas at Austin); Leila Fawaz (Tufts Univ.); Martha C. Howell (Columbia Univ.); Rudy Koshar* (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Jan Lewis (Rutgers Univ.); Patrick Manning* (Northeastern Univ.); Norman M. Naimark (Stanford Univ.); Robert A. Nye (Oregon State Univ.); Daniel T. Rodgers (Princeton Univ.); Vanessa R. Schwartz (Univ. of Southern California); Gale Stokes* (Rice Univ.); John Van Engen (Univ. of Notre Dame); Kären Wigen* (Stanford Univ.); R. Bin Wong (Univ. of California at Irvine)

* Rotated off the board in the summer of 2004.

Editorial Advisory Board, Perspectives

Beth Boland (National Park Service); David Chang (University of Minnesota); Prasenjit Duara (University of Chicago); Michael Hogan (Ohio State University); Trudy H. Peterson (Archival Consultant); Eric Rothschild (Scarsdale High School); Vanessa Schwartz (University of Southern California); Emily Sohmer Tai (Queensborough Community College)


Michael Les Benedict (Ohio State Univ.)

Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association

Janet Brodie (Claremont Graduate Univ.), executive director

Board of Trustees

D. Roger B. Liddell (Ingalls & Snyder, LLC), chair; Barbara H. Chacour (Brean Murray & Co.); Fay Gambee (United States Trust Company of New York); R. Dyke Benjamin (Lazard); C. Evan Stewart (Winston and Strawn)

Legal Counsel of the Association

Albert J. Beveridge III (Beveridge and Diamond, P.C.)

National Coalition for History

Bruce Craig, executive director