Combined Federal Campaign Donors 2004

The following is a list of donors who made generous contributions to the AHA through the Combined Federal Campaign for 2004. Their special support is gratefully acknowledged by the Association. Because of the complexities of the reporting process, the list includes names only of those who contributed to the campaign from May 16, 2004 through May 15, 2005.

Patrick J Anderson
John B. Balch
Brandon O. Barnes
Brian M. Bassett
Elliot D. Bingerman
Jason R. Bowers
Ryan Broere
Jerome C. Buescher
Shawn M Burke
James Campbell
Jonathan M. Cardin
Jason Coats
William T. Collins
Andrew T. Courtright
Kevin N. Davis
Travis Dixon
Eric Etherton
Nicholas A. Evanson
David R. Everett
Daniel C. Exum
Christopher T. Fahrenbach
Gregory Fox
Edward L. George
Victoria A. Harden
Gabriel A. Harley
Michael H. Harmond
David M. Herrick
Chadwick Hopkins
Hans L. Hull
Kevin R. Kingsbury
Andrew S. Kleven
William J. Kroeker
Jane M. Kwiecinski
Douglas La Bouff
Leia R. Larson
Michele Manganelli
Michael D. Martens
Dustin L. Martin
Wilfred T. Masumara
Lee Mathews
Yoko G. McBeth
Tommy Milton
Colter G. Mueller
Brian R. Pabst
Brian Payton
Jeremy L. Pease
Rosie J. Pfau
William A. Rees
Evan Reeves
Christopher M. Rein
Daniel S. Resto
Albert F. Riggle
Kevin Rodgers
Jonathan G. Scott
Timothy E. Shamble
John C. Simmons
Jeramy D. Sledge
Matthew A. Smith
Mark A. Sprunger
Ryan T. Swain
Michael S. Thom
James Titus
Charles W. Torbyn
David S. Turk
Bryan C. Vanboxel
David M. Virts
Mark D. Walters
Eric M. Williams
Phillip Wongsing