Councils, Divisions, and Committees 2002


Lynn Hunt (UCLA), president; James M. McPherson (Princeton Univ.), president-elect; Wm. Roger Louis (Univ. of Texas at Austin) immediate past president; Gabrielle Spiegel (Johns Hopkins Univ.), vice president, Research Division; William A. Weber (California State Univ. at Long Beach), vice president, Teaching Division; William J. Cronon, (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison), vice president, Professional Division; David W. Blight (Amherst Coll.); Lillian Guerra (Bates Coll.); Victoria Harden (National Institutes of Health); Maureen Murphy Nutting (North Seattle Community Coll.); David Harris Sacks (Reed Coll.); Stefan A. Tanaka (Univ. of California at San Diego)

Professional Division

William J. Cronon, vice president; Maureen Murphy Nutting, Council member; James Grossman (Newberry Library); Peter Charles Hoffer (Univ. of Georgia); Susan Mosher Stuard (Haverford Coll.)

Research Division

Gabrielle Spiegel, vice president; David Harris Sacks, Council member; Mark Kornbluh (Michigan State Univ.); Louis A. Pérez Jr. (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Lawrence Wolff (Boston Coll.)

Teaching Division

William A. Weber, vice president; Victoria Harden, Council member; Ellen Furlough (Univ. of Kentucky); John M. Pyne (West Milford Township Public Schools, N.J.); Marguerite (Peggy) Renner (Glendale Community Coll., Calif.)

Nominating Committee

Gary Kates (Pomona College.), chair; Michael Adas (Rutgers Univ.); Joyce E. Chaplin (Harvard Univ.); Alice L. Conklin (Univ. of Rochester); Peter Fritzsche (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Peter Kolchin (Univ. of Delaware); Patricia Nelson Limerick (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder); Susan Schroeder (Tulane Univ.); Anand Yang (Univ. of Utah)

Committee on Committees

James McPherson, chair; Jerry Bentley (Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa); Eileen Boris (Univ. of California at Santa Barbara); Carole Fink (Ohio State Univ.); Cynthia Herrup (Duke Univ.)

Standing Committees

Committee on Affiliated Societies: James McPherson, chair; David Blight, Council member; Leisa Meyer (Coll. of William and Mary); Mary Beth Norton (Cornell Univ.)

Committee on Graduate Education: Colin Palmer (Princeton Univ.), chair; Thomas Bender (New York Univ.); Constance Berman (Univ. of Iowa); Allison Blakely (Boston Univ.); Ramon Gutierrez (Univ. of California at San Diego); Fiona Galvin, grad. student rep. (UCLA); Nadine Hata (El Camino Community Coll.); Lynn Hunt (UCLA); Stan Katz (Princeton Univ.); Theresa Mah (Bowling Green State Univ.); Kristin Stapleton (Univ. of Kentucky); Philip M. Katz, research director

Committee on the Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Professorship in American History: Alan Brinkley (Columbia Univ.), chair; T.H. Breen (Northwestern Univ.); Robin Winks (Yale Univ.); Lynn Hunt, president; James McPherson, president-elect

Committee on International Historical Activities: Dane Kennedy (George Washington Univ.), chair; John Coatsworth (Harvard Univ.); Cary Fraser (Penn State Univ.); Sonya Michel (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago); Reba Soffer (California State Univ. at Northridge)

Committee on Minority Historians: Stephanie Shaw (Ohio State Univ.), chair; Dorothy Ko (Rutgers Univ.); Barbara Savage (Univ. of Pennsylvania); Andres Tijerina (Austin Community Coll.); M. Ivonne Wallace Fuentes (Duke Univ.); Angela Wilson (Arizona State Univ.); Carlton Wilson (North Carolina Central Univ.)

Committee on Women Historians: Elizabeth Lunbeck (Princeton Univ.), chair; Judith Jeffrey Howard (NEH); Virginia Sanchez Korrol (Brooklyn Coll., CUNY); Seth Koven (Villanova Univ.); Paula Sanders (Rice Univ.); Laura York (UCLA)

Committee for Graduate Students: Lillian Guerra (Bates Coll.), chair; David Chang (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Alison Pion (Northwestern Univ.); M. Ivonne Wallace Fuentes (Duke Univ.); Laura York (UCLA); Fiona Galvin (UCLA), liaison from CGE

Joint AHA-OAH Committee on Part-time and Adjunct Employment: Maxine Lurie (Seton Hall Univ.), chair; From the AHA: Delight Dodyk (Drew Univ.); Frank Karpiel (Ramapo Coll.); Gerda Lerner (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); William Paquette (Tidewater Community Coll.); Elizabeth Reis (Duke Univ.). From the OAH: Juli Jones (St. Charles County Community Coll.); Gloria Miranda (El Camino Community Coll.); David Montgomery (Yale Univ.); Jeffrey Kolnick (Southwest State Univ.)

Award Committees

Committee on the Herbert Baxter Adams Prize: John Toews (Univ. of Washington), chair; Thomas Brady (Univ. of California at Berkeley); Suzanne DeSan (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Michael Geyer (Univ. of Chicago); Derek Hirst (Washington Univ.)

Committee on the AHA Prize in Atlantic History: Linda Heywood (Howard Univ.), chair; David Eltis (Emory Univ.); Jane Landers (Vanderbilt Univ.)

Committee on the George Louis Beer Prize: Kinley Brauer (Univ. of Minnesota), chair; Thomas Borstelmann (Cornell Univ.); Jonathan Sperber (Univ. of Missouri at Columbia); Carl Strikwerda (Univ. of Kansas); Jay Winter (Yale Univ.).

Committee on the Albert J. Beveridge Award: Robert Westbrook (Univ. of Rochester), chair; Fitzhugh Brundage (Univ. of Florida); Gloria Main (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder); Glenna Matthews (Univ. of California at Berkeley); Francisco A. Scarano (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

Committee on the Paul Birdsall Prize: William Hitchcock (Wellesley Coll.), chair; Linda Frey (Univ. of Montana); James Tent (Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham)

Committee on the James Henry Breasted Prize: Alan Wood (Univ. of Washington at Bothell), chair; Rebecca Horn (Univ. of Utah); Jacob Lassner (Northwestern Univ.); Thomas Noble (Univ. of Notre Dame)

Committee on the Albert Corey Award: From the AHA: Robin Winks (Yale Univ.), chair; Shirley Yee (Univ. of Washington). From the Canadian Historical Association: Judith Fingaid (Dalhousie Univ.); Delphin Musise (Carleton Univ.)

Committee on the John Edwin Fagg Prize: Carolyn Boyd (Univ. of California at Irvine), chair; Heath Dillard (New York, N.Y.); Allyson Poska (Mary Washington Coll.).

Committee on the John K. Fairbank Prize: James Hevia (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), chair; Ja Haboush (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Jonathan Ocko (North Carolina State Univ.); Miriam Silverberg (UCLA); John E. Wills (Univ. of Southern California)

Committee on the Herbert Feis Award: James Banner (Washington, D.C.), chair; Bruce Craig (NCC); John Grabowski (Case Western Reserve Univ.); Richard Immerman (Temple Univ.); Susan Levine (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago)

Committee on the Morris D. Forkosch Prize: David Cressy (Ohio State Univ.), chair; David Armitage (Columbia Univ.); Jeffrey Auerbach (California State Univ. at Northridge); Antoinette Burton (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); James Hopkins (Southern Methodist Univ.)

Committee on the Leo Gershoy Award: Randolph Head (Univ. of California at Riverside), chair; Keith Luria (North Carolina State Univ.); Sarah Maza (Northwestern Univ.); John McCusker (Trinity Univ.); Leonard Rosenband (Utah State Univ.)

Committee on the Joan Kelly Memorial Prize: Miriam Cohen (Vassar Coll.), chair; Laura Frader (Northeastern Univ.); Donna Guy (Univ. of Arizona); Linda Kerber (Univ. of Iowa); Cheryl Johnson-Odim (Loyola Univ. Chicago)

Committee on the Littleton-Griswold Prize: Laura Edwards (Duke Univ.), chair; Daniel Ernst (Georgetown Univ.); Jack Rakove (Stanford Univ.); James Schmidt (Univ. of California at Northridge); Amy Stanley (Univ. of Chicago)

Committee on the J. Russell Major Prize: Carla Hesse (Univ. of California at Berkeley), chair; Raymond Grew (Univ. of Michigan); James Johnson (Boston Univ.)

Committee on the Helen and Howard R. Marraro Prize: From the SIHS: Silvana Patriarca (Columbia Univ.), chair. From the ACHA: Frederick J. McGinness (Mount Holyoke Coll.). From the AHA: Charles Stinger (SUNY, Buffalo).

Committee on the George L. Mosse Prize: Robert Pois (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder), chair; Mary Gibson (Graduate Center/John Jay Coll., CUNY); Paul Robinson (Stanford Univ.)

Committee on the Premio del Rey Prize: Teofilo Ruiz (UCLA), chair; Thomas Burman (Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville); Olivia Constable (Univ. of Notre Dame); Lu Ann Homza (Coll. of William and Mary); David Ringrose (Univ. of California at San Diego)

Committee on the James Harvey Robinson Prize: Marvin Lunenfeld (SUNY Coll. at Fredonia), chair; William Everdell (St. Ann’s School); Michael Kasprowicz (Morton Coll.); James Loewen (Catholic Univ. of America); Colleen Seguin (Valparaiso Univ.)

Committee on the Wesley-Logan Prize: From the AHA: David Northrup (Boston Coll.), chair; Philip Morgan (Johns Hopkins Univ.); Daryl Scott (Univ. of Florida).
From the ASALH: Larry Martin (Coppin State Coll.); Walter Hill (National Archives and Records Administration)

Committee on the John O’Connor Film Award: Mark Carnes (Barnard Coll.), chair; Mary Jo Maynes (Univ. of Minnesota); Vanessa Schwartz (Univ. of Southern California)

Committee on the Nancy Roelker Mentorship Award: Sharon Alter (William Rainey Harper Coll.), chair; Gail Bederman (Univ. of Notre Dame); Helen Grady (Springside School); David K. Smith (Eastern Illinois Univ.); Andrew Weise (San Diego State Univ.)

Committee on Teaching Prizes: Sue Patrick (Univ. of Wisconsin-Barron County), chair; Stacy Cordery (Monmouth Coll.); Michele Forman (Middlebury Union High School); Troy Johnson (California State Univ. at Long Beach); Barbara Winslow (Brooklyn Coll., CUNY)

Grant and Fellowship Committees

Committee on the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship: James Patterson (Brown Univ.), chair; Peter Bardaglio (Goucher Coll.); Anne Boylan (Univ. of Delaware); Karen Halttunen (Univ. of California at Davis); Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (Harvard Univ.)

Committee on the NASA Fellowship: From the AHA: Christopher Hamlin (Univ. of Notre Dame), chair; Spencer Weart (Center for History of Physics). From the NCPH: Rebecca Cameron (U.S. Air Force); From the SHOT: Peter Jakob, (Smithsonian Inst., National Air and Space Museum); From the HSS: Pamela Mack (Clemson Univ.); From the OAH: Laura McEnaney (Whittier Coll.); From the EHA: Roger Ransom (Univ. of California at Northridge)

Committee on Research Grant Awards (U.S./Western Hemisphere grants):

Thomas Dublin (SUNY at Binghamton), chair; Cynthia Harrison (George Washington Univ.); Kristan Ruggiero (Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Committee on Research Grants Awards (Africa, Asia, Europe Grants): James Grubb (Univ. of Maryland at Baltimore County), chair; Chun-Shu Chang (Univ. of Michigan); John Vander Lippe (SUNY, New Paltz).

Ad Hoc and Joint Committees

Program Committee, 2003: Anand Yang (Univ. of Utah), 2003 chair; Margaret Washington (Cornell Univ.), 2003 co-chair; Joe Trotter (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), 2004 chair; John K. Thornton (Millersville Univ. of Pennsylvania), 2004 co-chair. Maggie Favretti (Scarsdale High School); Leila Fawaz (Tufts Univ.); Mary Fissell (Johns Hopkins Univ.); Karen Kupperman (New York Univ.); Cheryl E. Martin (Univ. of Texas at El Paso); Peggy Pascoe (Univ. of Oregon); Anne J. Schutte (Univ. of Virginia); Gerhard Weinberg (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); K. Scott Wong (Williams Coll.)


Advisory Committee on Historical Diplomatic Documentation: Wm. Roger Louis (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies: Richard Stites (Georgetown Univ.)

American Council of Learned Societies: Donald Ritchie (U.S. Senate Historical Office)

Joint AHA-Canadian Historical Association: Elizabeth Faue (Wayne State Univ.)

Consortium of Social Science Associations: Lynn Hollen Lees (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

International Committee of Historical Sciences: Dane Kennedy (George Washington Univ.)

National Historical Publications and Records Commission: Mary Maples Dunn (Schlesinger Library)

Social Science Research Council: Frederick Cooper (Univ. of Michigan)

Board of Editors, American Historical Review

Edward A. Alpers (UCLA); Dipesh Chakrabarty (Univ. of Chicago); Susan Deans-Smith (Univ. of Texas at Austin); Robin Fleming (Boston Coll.); Jack P. Greene (Johns Hopkins Univ.); Martha C. Howell (Columbia Univ.); Rudy J. Koshar (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Patrick Manning (Northeastern Univ.); Daniel T. Rodgers (Princeton Univ.); Bonnie Smith (Rutgers Univ.); Gale Stokes (Rice Univ.); Kären Wigen (Stanford Univ.).

Editorial Advisory Board, Perspectives (as on December 31, 2002)

David Chang (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison); Prasenjit Duara (Univ. of Chicago); Michael Hogan (Ohio State Univ.); Trudy H. Peterson (Archival Consultant); Eric Rothschild (Scarsdale High School); Vanessa Schwartz (Univ. of Southern California); Emily Sohmer Tai (Queensborough Community Coll.).


Michael Les Benedict (Ohio State Univ.)

Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association

W. David Baird (Pepperdine Univ.), executive director

Board of Trustees

D. Roger B. Liddell (Ingalls & Snyder, LLC), chair; R. Dyke Benjamin (Lazard); Barbara H. Chacour (Brean Murray & Co., Inc.); Fay Gambee (United States Trust Company); C. Evan Stewart (Winston and Strawn).

Legal Counsel of the Association

Albert J. Beveridge III (Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.).

National Coalition for History

Bruce Craig, executive director.