AHA and AHR Staff 2002

Headquarters Staff

Arnita Jones, executive director

Noralee Frankel, assistant director, women, minorities, and teaching

Randy Norell, controller

Robert B. Townsend, assistant director, publications and research

Sharon K. Tune, assistant director, administration, and convention director

Sarah Becker*, administrative assistant, executive office;

Frances Clarke*, research associate, research division

Cecelia Dadian, senior editor

David M. Darlington, assistant editor, Perspectives

Debbie Ann Doyle, administrative and convention assistant

Christian A. Hale, production coordinator, publications and advertising manager, AHR

Miriam E. Hauss, executive assistant and special projects coordinator

Michelle Hewitt, membership office assistant

Vernon Horn, Internet projects coordinator

Cliff Jacobs, administrative assistant, executive office

Cristina Del Borrello Marshall, assistant controller

Deirdre Murphy, staff assistant, research division

James Robertson, publications sales and mail

Elizabeth Russell, administrative assistant, business office

Pamela Scott-Pinkney, membership manager

Pillarisetti Sudhir, editor, Perspectives

Peleg Tal*, administrative assistant, executive office

Anastasia Tate, membership office assistant

Laura Walsh*, administrative assistant, executive office. (* These staff members were part of the headquarters staff during only a part of 2002. The list thus has 24 names even though the actual strength of headquarters staff is normally 21.)

American Historical ReviewStaff

Michael Grossberg, editor

Dror Wahrman, associate editor

Moureen Coulter, assistant editor

Allyn Roberts, assistant editor

Thomas Prasch, contributing editor

Mary Anne Thacker. office manager

Beverly Sample, production manager

Adam Ehrlich,Robin Henry, James K. Honeyford, Mara I. Lazda, Margaret E. Nobes, Peter C. Rowley, Max Weis, Jane K. Wickersham, editorial assistants.