The 119th Business Meeting

Minutes of the 119th Business Meeting

President Jonathan Spence, Yale University, called the annual business meeting to order at 4:47 p.m. on January 8, 2005, in Room 204 of the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Michael Les Benedict of Ohio State University served as parliamentarian for the meeting.

1. Report of the Executive Director: Arnita A. Jones stated (see pages 4–7 for her report) that the Association is in good condition, with stable membership and a balanced budget. She announced that the Association’s Board of Trustees made a decision to shift the AHA’s investments from longtime manager Fiduciary Trust Company to Lazard Investment Management of New York. Ms. Jones provided a summary of other continuing activities, including the History Cooperative, graduate education projects, and the American Anthropological Association sponsored interdisciplinary conference on “Race and Human Variations: Setting an Agenda for Future Research and Education.” Observing that American Historical Review editor Michael Grossberg would conclude his distinguished tenure later in the year, Ms. Jones expressed her appreciation and welcomed his successor, Robert A. Schneider, Catholic University of America.

Ms. Jones noted that more than 4,750 individuals were in attendance at the Annual Meeting, and commended the Program Committee for presenting an appealing and comprehensive schedule of sessions. Ms. Jones noted there would be two innovations for the 2006 meeting in Philadelphia: online submission of session proposals and implementation of the completely revised Annual Meeting Guidelines. Concluding her remarks, Ms. Jones thanked members of the Program Committee and the Local Arrangements Committee.

2. Report of the Editor of the AHR: Michael Grossberg of Indiana University, whose report appears at page 13, made additional comments. Mr. Grossberg thanked members of the Board of Editors rotating off in May 2005: Edward A. Alpers, University of California at Los Angeles; Susan Deans-Smith, University of Texas at Austin; Martha C. Howell, Columbia University; and Daniel T. Rodgers, Princeton University. Mr. Grossberg stated that it had been an honor and a privilege to serve as theeditor of the AHR

3.Report of the Nominating Committee: Anand Yang of the University of Washington, committee member, announced the results of the fall election. James J. Sheehan of Stanford University and Linda K. Kerber of the University of Iowa were elected president and president-elect, respectively. Anthony Grafton of Princeton University was elected Vice President of the Professional Division. Elected to the Council were Art Gomez of the National Park Service and Mrinalini Sinha of Penn State University. Divisional members elected were Spencer Crew of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Professional); Paula A. Sanders of Rice University (Research); and Monica M. Tetzlaff of Indiana University at South Bend (Teaching). Philippa Levine of the University of Southern California was elected to the Committee on Committees. Elected to the Nominating Committee were Dena Goodman of the University of Michigan; Neil Foley of the University of Texas at Austin; and David Northrup of Boston College. The committee’s full report will appears in the annual report for 2005.

4. Reports of the Vice Presidents: Vice presidents William D. Cronon, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Professional); Roy Rosenzweig, George Mason University (Research); and Patrick Manning, Northeastern University (Teaching); reported on their respective divisions’ activities and projects. Their reports appear elsewhere in this publication.

5. Other business:

  1. Expressions of Appreciation: Mr. Spence thanked Association members who planned the 119th annual meeting: the Program Committee, chaired by Paul Freedman of Yale University and cochaired by Barbara Weinstein of the University of Maryland at College Park, and the Local Arrangements Committee, chaired by Maureen Murphy Nutting of North Seattle Community College and cochaired by Walt Crowley of HistoryLink. He also expressed gratitude to Convention Director Sharon K. Tune.
  2. Election of members to Board of Trustees: Members present unanimously approved Council’s nominations to reappoint Barbara H. Chacour, of Brean Murray & Co., and Fay Gambee, of the United States Trust Company of New York, to five-year terms on the Board of Trustees.
  3. Resolution: AHA members present adopted a resolution concerning labor issues and the selection of annual meeting hotels and vendors, to be considered for acceptance, nonconcurrence, or veto by the AHA Council at its January 9, 2005 session. See the box on page 34 for the text of the resolution.

Concluding his term as president, Mr. Spence thanked members of the AHA staff for their assistance throughout the year and introduced incoming president James Sheehan of Stanford University. Accepting the gavel and noting that there was no further business, Mr. Sheehan declared the meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Sharon K. Tune is AHA assistant director for administration and convention director.

Business Meeting Resolution

The text of the resolution passed at the 119th Business Meeting of the AHA (held on January 8, 2005), and accepted by the Council at its meeting on January 9, 2005, is as follows:

Whereas, the AHA has since 1994 explicitly considered labor issues in its selection of annual meeting hotels and vendors; and

Whereas, hotel union representation raises wages, supplies benefits, and protects worker dignity, thereby ensuring that economic growth benefits a workforce often composed of people of color, and particularly women of color; and

Whereas, the AHA decision to hold meetings in union or non-union hotels strengthens or weakens the ability of these workers and their unions to secure better working conditions and contribute to equitable urban growth; therefore be it

Resolved, that the AHA reaffirms its longstanding support of the right of workers to organize by continuing its practice of union preference in negotiating hotel and service contracts for the Annual Meeting and for any other meetings organized by the AHA; therefore, be it further

Resolved, that AHA continues its practice of including labor disputes in the standard escape provision in any AHA contract for annual meeting hotels and meetings.