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The History of Racist Violence in the United States: Resources from the American Historical Association

In response to ongoing racist violence in the United States, we have compiled a list of AHA resources on the history of racist violence. Teachers can use them in classrooms to help students understand the history of the present; journalists can draw on them to provide historical context for current events; researchers can draw on them to inform future scholarship. Due to the nature of this history, many of the resources contain references to violence and assault.

Select resources produced or published by the AHA are listed below. For a more detailed list, please visit our Zotero library. Additional teaching materials can be found in the AHA’s Remote Teaching Resources. Use the Search function or All Topics page to browse.

AHA Statements

In the Classroom

Contextualizing Movements and Protests

Contextualizing Violence in a Pandemic

Immigration and Xenophobia


International Contexts and Comparisons