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June 15, 2024

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AHA Resource, For the Classroom, Vetted Resource


African American, Archives, Cultural, Current Events in Historical Context, Digital Methods, Economic, Indigenous, Legal, Political, Public History, Slavery, Social, State & Local (US), Teaching Methods, Urban

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Graduate Education, K–12 Education, Teaching & Learning, Undergraduate Education


Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, United States, World

This resource is part of the AHA’s The History of Racism and Racist Violence


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“Indigenous Art and History + Conversations with the Dead” (History in Focus, 2024)

“The Irretrievable Past? Tracks and Residues, Imagined Sources, and the Writing of History” by Thavolia Glymph (Perspectives on History, 2024)

“Reindeer and the Venice Biennale” by Brenda J. Child (American Historical Review, 2024)

“Southern Hospitality? The Abstracted Labor of the Whole Pig Roast” by Jessica Carbone (Perspectives on History, 2024)

“Teaching Historiography + Chilling Affects” (History in Focus, 2024)

“Teaching Historiography: Testimony and the Study of the Holocaust” by Agnieszka Aya Marczyk, Abby Reisman, and Brenda Santos (American Historical Review, 2024)


2023 Resources

“Accori Beads” by Gérard Chouin (Perspectives on History, 2023)

“African American History in Florida: AHA Response to New Standards of Instruction” by James Grossman (Perspectives on History, 2023)

“Breaking the Bonds of Segregation: Civil Rights Politics and the History of Modern Finance” by Destin Jenkins (American Historical Review, 2023)

“Don’t Say Gay, Stop WOKE, Banned Books, and Anti-Trans Laws: The AHA’s Teaching through the Backlash Webinar” by Laura Ansley (Perspectives on History, 2023)

“The Ross House Slave Quarters” by Gabrielle McCoy (Perspectives on History, 2023)


2022 Resources

“The 1619 Project Forum” by Annette Gordon-Reed, Rose Stremlau, Malinda Lowery, Julie L. Reed, Joanne Barker, Daniel Sharfstein, Daryl Michael Scott, Karin Wulf, Sandra E. Greene, James H. Sweet, Eve M. Troutt Powell, Rachel Schine, Alan Mikhail, Erika Denise Edwards, Danielle Terrazas Williams, Indrani Chatterjee, Jeannette Eileen Jones, Crystal Moten, Faithe J. Day, and Jake Silverstein (American Historical Review, 2022)

“A Bare and Open Truth: The Penn and Slavery Project and the Public” by VanJessica Gladney (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“The Blackivists” (History in Focus, 2022)

“Changing the Landscape: Creating a Memorial to the Enslaved at William & Mary” by Jody Lynn Allen (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“The Danger of a Single Origin Story: The 1619 Project and Contested Foundings” by Emily Sclafani (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“Fiduciary Colonialism: Annuities and Native Dispossession in the Early United States” by Emilie Connolly (American Historical Review, 2022)

“From Inclusive Public Schools to Divisive Concepts: A Reflection” by James H. Sweet (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“The Geography of Nonviolence: The United Nations, the Highlander Folk School, and the Borders of the Civil Rights Movement” by Nico Slate (American Historical Review, 2022)

“Helping the Tired, the Poor, the Huddled Masses: Community-Based Learning in the Immigrant Justice Lab” by Grace Argo (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“Listening to Alaska Native Elders: Oral History and Digital Platforms Expand the US History Narrative” by Holly Miowak Guise (Perspectives on History, 2022)

Portrait of a Man by Brian Piper (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“The Privilege of Family History” by Kendra T. Field (American Historical Review, 2022)

“Racing Games: Choice and History in Video Games” by Diego Javier Luis (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“Skull Walls: The Peruvian Dead and the Remains of Entanglement” by Christopher Heaney (American Historical Review, 2022)

“Slavery’s Archive: Confronting Jesuit Slaveholding at Georgetown University” by Cassandra Berman (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“Teaching with Integrity: Historians Speak” with Leonard Moore, Katharina Matro, Julia Brookins, Kathleen Hilliard, James Grossman, Hasan Kwame Jeffries, and James Sweet (YouTube, 2022)

“Toward an Archival Reckoning” by Ashley Farmer, Steven Booth, Tracy Drake, Raquel Flores-Clemons, Erin Glasco, Skyla S Hearn, and Stacie Williams (American Historical Review, 2022)

“Townhouse Notes: Alma Mater” by L. Renato Grigoli (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“‘Two Separate Societies, Divided by Color’: Race, Colonialism, and Bridgerton by Trishula Patel (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“The Walls of Troy: Exclusion and Community in a Pandemic” by Arabella Delgado (Perspectives on History, 2022)

“Working through Injustice: Historical Catastrophe, Living History, and Righting Wrongs at Brown University” by Anthony Bogues (Perspectives on History, 2022)


2021 Resources

“Abstract and Ill Informed” by Jacqueline Jones (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“B.C. Franklin and the Tulsa Massacre: A Triracial History” by Alaina E. Roberts (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“Community-Engaged History: A Reflection on the 100th Anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre” by Karlos K. Hill (American Historical Review, 2021)

“Confronting Race and Medieval Fantasies: Teaching the Middle Ages in the Modern South” by Courtney Luckhardt (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“‘The Culture Wars—They’re Back!’ Divisive Concepts, Critical Race Theory, and More in 2021” by Laura Ansley (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“Karlos Hill on Community Engaged History” (AHR Interview, 2021)

“Keeping It Real: Historians in the Deepfake Era” by Abe Gibson (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“Reel or Unreal History: Teaching History with Newsreels” by Julianne Johnson (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“A Starting Point: Teaching the January 6 Insurrection” by Kevin Boyle and James Grossman (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“Teaching South African Stories Online: A Research Paper Alternative” by Jacob Ivey (Perspectives on History, 2021)

“Vikings, Crusaders, and Confederates: Misunderstood Historical Imagery at the January 6 Capitol Insurrection” by by Matthew Gabriele (Perspectives on History, 2021)


2020 Resources

“Looking for the North American Invasion in Mexico City” by Thomas G. Connors and Raúl Isaí Muñoz (American Historical Review, 2020)

“Middle Schoolers Take on Columbus: A Lesson on Contextualizing History” by Alex Pinelli (Perspectives on History, 2020)

“Rethinking How We Train Historians: University of Michigan and the USHMM Collaborate on a Pedagogical Experiment” by Rita Chin (Perspectives on History, 2020)

“Teaching the History of Racist Violence in the High School Classroom,” a Virtual AHA webinar, organized jointly with the National Council on the Social Studies, featuring Reginald K. Ellis, Tina L. Heafner, and Jacqueline Jones (YouTube, 2020)


More Resources

“Beyond Morality: Teaching about Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide” by James Frusetta (Perspectives on History, 2010)

“Decolonizing the US History Survey: Integrating Native Voices and Experiences through Digital History” by John Rosinbum (Perspectives on History, 2018)

“Exploring the Brutality of Expansion: Tracking Changes in the 19th Century with American Panorama” by John Rosinbum (AHA Today, 2017)

“K-12 Educators Workshop: The Long Civil Rights Movement—with Carol Anderson and Brenda Santos,” an AHA workshop sponsored by the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board on integrating historians’ narratives of the civil rights movement in the classroom (YouTube, 2016)

“See No Evil: Can Archives Prevent Offense? Should They?” by Ann McGrath (Perspectives on History, 2019)

“Teaching Against White Nationalism: How One Historian Took Action” by Jeremy Best (Perspectives on History, 2017)

“Teaching on the ‘Balkan Express’: A Collaborative Attempt to Write History for Reconciliation” by Christina Koulouri (Perspectives on History, 2019)

“Violence in Political History: The Challenges of Teaching about the Politics of Power and Resistance” by Kellie Carter Jackson (Perspectives on History, 2011)