Images of Farming

Traditional Farming in the South


Spring Planting, Vance County, NC, 1962


Sorting Tobacco, Vance County, NC, 1959


Hanging Tobacco in a Barn, Vance County, NC, 1964


A Healthy Mule

Traditional farm house

Traditional Farm House, Vance County, NC

Note: Houses such as this were built in the area over the last half of the nineteenth century and housed the more successful small farmers and their families.

Series of Pictures Taken at the Fred Wilkins Farm in Stem (Granville County), NC.
These pictures were taken in 1939 by a Farm Securities Administration photographer. They depict a variety of farm scenes--feeding the hogs, cooking, and a corn shucking at both the Wilkins farm and several neighboring farms. One of these farms was the Garrett farm (Garrett was a sharecropper who farmed Wilkins land). Source: America from the Great Depression to World War II: Photographs from the FSA-OWI, 1935-1945, Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress). To access the Wilkins farm photographs, click on the above hyperlink. Type Fred Wilkins in the search box that is displayed. Wilkins farm photographs are numbered 1-44.

Modern Farming in the South


Plowing with Tractors, Vance County, NC, 1962


Silage Harvester, Vance County, 1964

Bulk Barn

Tobacco Bulk Barn, Vance County, Circa Early 1960s