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AHA and COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19's disruption to daily life in the United States, the American Historical Association responded to the pandemic's impact by advocating for historians, emphasizing the importance of historical thinking in understanding the current crisis, and urging all institutions that employ historians to be flexible and humane in considering the needs of their employees and constituencies. This section includes AHA statements on the impact of COVID-19 on historians, as well as Perspectives on History articles on topics contextualizing the pandemic.

AHA Advocacy

“ACLS Joint Statement on the Key Role of the Humanities,” (August 2020)

“AHA Statement on Department Closures and Faculty Firings,” (July 2020)

“AHA Statement on Historical Research during COVID-19,” (July 2020)

“Letter to Congress on Further CARES Funding for Higher Ed,” (June 2020)

“AHA Statement Regarding Historians and COVID-19,” (April 2020) 

“AHA Signs onto Statement Encouraging Temporary Adjustments to Faculty Review and Reappointment Processes during COVID-19 Crisis,” (March 2020)

“AHA Encourages Congress to Support NEH during COVID-19 Crisis,” (March 2020)

Perspectives on History

Ángela Vergara, “Productivity Moves with Our Bodies: Understanding Research Gaps during COVID-19,” Perspectives on History (July 6, 2020)

Lindsey Passenger Wieck, “BleachMan Says, “Clean It with Bleach!” Education Campaigns for HIV/AIDS Hold Lessons for COVID-19,” Perspectives on History (June 22, 2020)

Chad Lower, “School Without Schools: Remembering the 1977 Gas Shortage,” Perspectives on History (June 8, 2020)

Seth Archer, “Precedents for a Pandemic: Reflections on Disease and Indigenous Communities,” Perspectives on History (May 26, 2020)

Nancy Tomes, “Medicare for All in the Age of Coronavirus: A History of US Health Care Debates,” Perspectives on History (April 24, 2020) 

Ryan C. McIlhenny, “China's Model: Citizens Work Together to Contain the Virus,” Perspectives on History  (April 23, 2020) 

Mary Lindemann, “The Historian and the Virus: A Time Capsule from Mid-March,” Perspectives on History (April 22, 2020)  

Çigdem Oguz, “We Are at War: The Italian Home Front in the Fight Against COVID-19,” Perspectives on History (April 21, 2020) 

James Grossman, “The AHA, Historians, and COVID-19: A Report from Mid-April,” Perspectives on History (April 14, 2020)