Joint AHA-Organization of American Historians (OAH) Committee on Part-time and Adjunct Employment

Past Committee. This committee has completed its work and is no longer active.

Established: As an ad hoc committee in January 2000; joint committee in January 2001.

Purpose: To examine the proliferation of part-time and adjunct employment in higher education, provide "best practices" for both employers and employees, and to advocate on behalf of part-timers and adjuncts within the profession.

Membership: 6 AHA members, 6 OAH members

Assignment to Division: Reports on its work to the Professional Division.

Documents and Reports

Standards for Employment of Part-Time Faculty (May 2003)

Report from Part-Time and Adjunct Employment Committee (May 2001)

Guidelines for the Employment of Part-Time and Temporary Faculty in History (June 1998)

AHA Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct

Employment Articles and Information

1999 AHA Department Survey Shows Increased Hiring of Low-Wage Part-Time Faculty

Other Perspectives articles on the academic job market and the employment of historians

AHA Career Center

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