Committee on Contingent Faculty

Established: January 2014

Purpose: To study and collect data on the existing population of contingent faculty and to examine the impact that working conditions have on educational quality and the quality of life for non-tenure-track faculty.

Membership: 5 members

Assignment to Division: None


Philip Charles Suchma, St. John's Univ./Lehman Coll., CUNY/Fordham Univ., Co-Chair
Lynn Weiner, Roosevelt Univ., Co-Chair
Monique Laney, Auburn Univ.
Sharlene Sayegh, California State Univ., Long Beach
Charles A. Zappia, San Diego Mesa Coll.


Emily Swafford, Manager, Academic Affairs

The work of this Committee received generous support from The Teagle Foundation.


AHA Ad Hoc Committee on Contingent Faculty: Final Report (January 2016)