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Two-Year College Faculty Task Force

The Committee on Graduate Education (2000–2004)

The culmination of a multiyear inquiry into the structure and nature of graduate history education today, The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century has just been published by the University of Illinois Press for the AHA. This marks the first exploration of graduate training for historians in more than 40 years and the best available study of doctoral education in any major academic discipline.

The report reflects the views and efforts of a cross-section of the entire historical profession. It builds upon a detailed review of the existing research and data on graduate education, plus an unprecedented and exhaustive survey of history doctoral programs. The authors visited history departments across the country and consulted with hundreds of individual historians, graduate students, deans, academic and nonacademic employers of historians, as well as other stakeholders in graduate education.

In the last 40 years, the ethnic and gender composition of both graduate students and faculty has changed, historical methodologies have been challenged and refined, and the boundaries of historical inquiry have expanded. The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century addresses all of these revolutionary intellectual and demographic changes. Combining a detailed snapshot of the profession with a rigorous analysis of recent changes, this volume should become the definitive guide to strategic planning for history departments. It includes practical suggestions for managing institutional change as well as advice for everyone involved in the advanced training of historians, from department chairs to graduate students, and from university administrators to the AHA itself.

In the course of preparing their study, the AHA’s Committee on Graduate Education (2002–2004) drew upon and gathered a substantial body of quantitative and qualitative data. This site gathers together a range of ancillary materials and reports that enrich and extend the materials in the printed version of the report.

Articles by and about the Committee on Graduate Education

AHA Receives Carnegie Corporation Grant to Study Graduate Education (September 2000) 

Research Director Appointed for the AHA Committee on Graduate Education (March 2001)

CGE Hits the Road (May 2001) 

Views from the Trenches, July 18, 2007

CGE Update: Data Collection and Outreach Move Forward (September 2001) 

Committee on Graduate Education Update (October 2001) 

Figures from CGE Survey (December 2001) 

Sources of Information for Doctoral Students in History (December 2001) 

CGE Update: Reforming Graduate Education-Then and Now (January 2002) 

CGE Update: How Good Are Today's Graduate Students? (February 2002) 

Update from the Committee on Graduate Education (April 2002)

The Future Behind Us (September 2002)

On Surveys and Other Summer Deeds (September 2002)

CGE Session on the Three R's of Doctoral Education (November 2002) 

From the President: Shaping the Profession by the Book: The CGE Report and the Future (November 2003)

Comprehensive Report on Graduate Education in History Published (January 2004)

Joint AHA-Organization of American Historians (OAH) Committee on Part-time and Adjunct Employment

Established: As an ad hoc committee in January 2000; joint committee in January 2001.

Purpose: To examine the proliferation of part-time and adjunct employment in higher education, provide "best practices" for both employers and employees, and to advocate on behalf of part-timers and adjuncts within the profession.

Membership: 6 AHA members, 6 OAH members

Assignment to Division: Reports on its work to the Professional Division.

Documents and Reports

Standards for Employment of Part-Time Faculty (May 2003)

Report from Part-Time and Adjunct Employment Committee (May 2001)

Guidelines for the Employment of Part-Time and Temporary Faculty in History (June 1998)

AHA Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct

Employment Articles and Information

1999 AHA Department Survey Shows Increased Hiring of Low-Wage Part-Time Faculty

Other Perspectives articles on the academic job market and the employment of historians

AHA Career Center

Links to sites with related information

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Chronicle of Higher Education, The

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor

Eric Clearinghouse on Higher Education

Adjunct Nation

Workplace: The Journal for Academic Labor

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Historians Task Force

Established: As a joint task force with the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in June 2009. Term ended in June 2013.

Purpose: To gather information about the concerns of LGBTQ members and propose concrete practical solutions.

Membership: 3 AHA members, 2 CLGBTH members.

Assignment to Division: Reports on its work to the Professional Division.

Task Force on Public History

The Task Force on Public History was established in 2001 for a three-year term. After a one-year extension, the task force disbanded in January 2005. The goal of the Task Force was to facilitate better relations between the Association and public historians. The Professional Division now has primary oversight over public history in the Association.

Report of the Task Force on Public History (January 2004)

Task Force Update (September 2003)

AHA Establishes Task Force on Public History (September 2001)

Resources on Public History

Information about Public History

Finding a Public History Job

Working Group on Evaluating Public History Scholarship

Established as a joint working group with the National Council on Public History (NCPH) and Organization of American Historians (OAH) in June 2007. Term ends spring 2009.

Purpose: To advance discussion about evaluating public history work in tenure, promotion, hiring, and other situations. The group is currently gathering information on promotion and tenure standards at various universities and will submit a substantive, contextualized report to the governing body of each organization in spring 2009. The goal of the report is to open up the ways in which history departments and other organizations think about historical research, writing, and education beyond the monograph, peer-reviewed article, and classroom.

Assignment to division: Reports on its work to the Professional Division.

2 AHA members, 2 NCPH members, 2 OAH members


From the AHA

  • Kristin Ahlberg (U.S. Dept. of State)
  • Edward Countryman (Southern Methodist Univ.)


  • Kathleen Franz (American Univ.)
  • Bill Bryans (Oklahoma State Univ.)

From OAH

  • Gregory Smoak (Colorado State Univ.)
  • Connie Schulz (Univ. of South Carolina)


  • AHA: Debbie Ann Doyle, public history coordinator
  • NCPH: John Dichtl, executive director
  • OAH: Susan Ferentinos, public history manager

Documents and Reports

Survey of public historians working in the academy

Redefining Historical Scholarship (Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Redefining Historical Scholarship, December 1993)

Other Documents on Tenure and Review

Imagining America Tenure Team Initiative on public scholarship

MLA Report on Evaluating Scholarship for Tenure and Promotion

Association of American Universities/American Council of Learned Societies report on Reinvigorating the Humanities: Enhancing Research and Education on Campus and Beyond

Working Group on the Future of the AHA

The Working Group on the Future of the AHA had been set up in 2006 to consider how the Association can represent the diversity of its members intellectual and practical needs as well as the needs of those historians who do not currently belong to the AHA. The group met several times to discuss the many suggestions and comments it received from members, including those brought up at the well-attended open forum held during the 121st annual meeting in Atlanta. At its meeting held in New York in October 2007, the group discussed the draft report which it then submitted to Council. At its January 2008 meeting, Council accepted the report. The report has been published on the AHA web site and in the April 2008 issue of Perspectives on History.