Nominating Committee

Established: By the Constitution and elected by the membership.

Purpose: Makes nominations for all elective posts in the AHA, oversees the counting of ballots, and reports the results of the election to the membership. The Committee’s work is governed by the Constitution and Bylaws and informed by the Statement on Diversity in AHA Nominations and Appointments, adopted by the Council December 1990, revised in June 2001.

Membership: 9 members (See the list of past members.)

Assignment to Division: None. Reports on its work to the Council.


Carin Berkowitz, New Jersey Council for the Humanities, chair
Fahad A. Bishara, Univ. of Virginia
Kathleen A. Brosnan
, Univ. of Oklahoma
Daniel A. Greene, Newberry Library
Gabriel Paquette, Univ. of Oregon
Carla G. Pestana, Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Akiko Takenaka
, Univ. of Kentucky
Thabiti Willis, Carleton Coll.
Karin A. Wulf, Omohundro Institute


Liz Townsend, Coordinator, Data Administration and Integrity