Grant and Fellowship Committees

Application information is posted on individual grants and fellowships pages when submissions are being accepted. See the AHA Grants and Fellowships page for details.

Committee on the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship: Victoria W. Wolcott (State Univ. of New York, Buffalo), chair; Scott Heerman (Univ. of Miami); Ibram X. Kendi (American Univ.)

Committee on the NASA/AHA Fellowship: Omar W. Nasim (Univ. of Regensburg), HSS rep., chair; Emily A. Margolis (Smithsonian Institution), AHA rep.; Teasel Muir-Harmony (Smithsonian Institution), SHOT rep.

Committee on Beveridge Research Grants: Christine M. Adams (Saint Mary's Coll., Md.), chair; Myra B. Young Armstead (Bard Coll.); Thomas D. Rogers (Emory Univ.)

Committee on Kraus Research Grants: Mark A. Peterson (Yale Univ.), chair; Celine Carayon (Salisbury Univ.); Carolyn Eastman (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)

Committee on Littleton-Griswold Research Grants: H. Timothy Lovelace (Duke Univ.), chair; Ariela J. Gross (Univ. of Southern California); S. Deborah Kang (Univ. of Texas, Dallas)

Committee on Bernadotte E. Schmitt Research Grants: Matthew Dean Gerber (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder), chair; Ibra Sene (Coll. of Wooster); Ying Zhang (Ohio State Univ., Columbus)