Digital History Working Group

Established: 2015

Purpose: To keep informed of developments in the field of digital history and maintain a directory of historians qualified to assist departments looking for expert outside reviewers for candidates at times of tenure and promotion.

Membership: 5 members; two-year staggered terms appointed by the president

Assignment to Division: Research Division

If you wish to contact the working group, please e-mail Sarah Weicksel, who will connect you with the right person.


David A. Bell, Princeton Univ., Co-Chair
Jeffrey W. McClurken, Univ. of Mary Washington, Co-Chair
Kalani Craig, Indiana Univ.
Paula Findlen, Stanford Univ.
Walter W. Hawthorne, Michigan State Univ.
Jason M. Kelly, Indiana Univ.-Purdue Univ., Indianapolis
Andrew H. Lee, New York Univ.
Michelle Moravec, Rosemont Coll.
Stephen M. Robertson, George Mason Univ.

Leland Grigoli, Editor, Perspectives on History