Committee on Gender Equity

Established: 1969 (as the Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Women); reconstituted in 1971 as the Committee on Women Historians; renamed the Committee on Gender Equity in 2017

Purpose: To advocate for and monitor women's and gender equity in the discipline, including recommending policies and best practices in that regard; to promote women's and gender history and the history of sexuality; and to foster an inclusive scholarship that challenges and transforms the practice of history, both substantively and methodologically.

Membership: 5 members, including one graduate student or early career professional. Members serve for three-year terms, with new members added on a staggered yearly basis. The committee meets twice a year by teleconference.

Assignment to Division: None. Reports on its work to the Council.

Documents and Reports

Letter, National Museum of Women's History, April 2014

The Status of Women in the Historical Profession by Elizabeth Lunbeck, May 2005

Gender Equity in the Academic History Workplace: A Guide to Best Practices, 2005

Gender Equity in the History Workplace: Best Practices, 2006

AHA Statement on Affirmative Action

Best Practices on Spousal/Partner Hiring

Women's and Gender History in Global Perspective

Perspectives Articles of Interest

Report on the Status and Hiring of Women and Minority Historians in Academia, 4th ed. Developed by the AHA's Committee on Women Historians and approved by the Council, the guidelines in this report provide statistics on appointments, tenure, and promotion. This edition also discusses salary issues and the status of minority women and men.

Report of the American Historical Association Committee on Status of Women, 1970 (known as the "Rose Report")

Report of the 2001-2003 Southern Association for Women Historians Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession

Committee on Women Historians' 1980 Summary Report

Breakfast Talks

Coalitions of the Imagination by Alice Kessler Harris

The Future of Feminist History by Susan Pedersen

Has the Battle Been Won? The Feminization of History by Lynn Hunt


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