Annual Meeting Program Committee

Purpose: To plan the program for the AHA annual meetings.

Membership: 16 members. The Program Committee includes the chair, the co-chair, the chair-elect, the co-chair-elect, and 12 other members. The chairs and other committee members are appointed by the Council on the recommendation from the Research Division.

Assignment to Division: None. Reports to the Council Committee on the Annual Meeting

2021 Committee

Jared Poley, Georgia State Univ., 2021 Chair
Lisa M. Brady, Boise State Univ., 2021 Co-Chair
Yigit Akin, Tulane Univ.
Robert K. Batchelor, Georgia Southern Univ., Statesboro
Monique Bedasse, Washington Univ., St. Louis
Keisha N. Blain, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Cristobal A. Borges, North Seattle Coll.
Cary C. Collins, Tahoma Senior High School
Emily Greenwald, Historical Research Associates
Carina L. Johnson, Pitzer Coll.
Laura E. Matthew, Marquette Univ.
Ritika Prasad, Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte
Gautham Rao, American Univ.
Bob Weinberg, Swarthmore Coll.
Mark Ravina, Univ. of Texas, Austin, 2022 Chair
Margaret Salazar-Porzio, National Museum of American History, 2022 Co-Chair
Kole Dawson, Boise State Univ., 2021 Assistant
Kailey McAlpin, Georgia State Univ., 2021 Assistant


Debbie Ann Doyle, Meetings Manager