Mapping the Landscape of Secondary US History Education is the AHA’s multistage effort to provide a research-based grounding for ongoing civic deliberations about the teaching of US history in American classrooms. The AHA seeks to cut through political caricatures of American history classrooms and pose a more direct question: What are American schoolchildren supposed to be taught about US history?

The Mapping project deploys a variety of sources and methods to describe how layers of decision-making at the state, district, and schoolhouse affect curriculum. The project combines appraisals of state-level standards and legislation in all 50 states with a deep-dive sample of nine states, where we fielded a survey with over 3,000 educators, interviewed hundreds more teachers and administrators, and collected curricular materials from vendors, districts, and teachers. The resulting report provides a clear and evidence-based picture of the 21st-century history education landscape.

The report will be released in fall 2024. Watch the AHA’s social media and email newsletters for Mapping announcements, including presentations of preliminary findings.


Mapping in the Media

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Past Events

What are Schoolchildren Learning About US History? Four Takeaways in Five Minutes

AHA research coordinator Nick Kryczka gave a 5-minute overview of the AHA’s Mapping the Landscape of Secondary US History Education initiative as part of the CivXNow Research and Best Practice Affinity Group Monthly Brownbag on March 20, 2024.



American Lesson Plan: Mapping the Landscape of Secondary US History Education

Moderated by Katharina Matro (Walter Johnson High School and American Historical Assn.), this event features AHA researchers Nick Kryczka, Whit Barringer Scot McFarlane