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March 1, 2022

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Current Events in Historical Context, State & Local (US), Teaching Methods

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K–12 Education, Teaching & Learning


United States

The AHA is an inaugural partner of Learn from History, a coalition of 40 organizations that oppose efforts to limit the ability of educators to maintain the scholarly integrity of courses in US history.

“Drawing on careful survey research, and knowledge of what is in fact being taught in American classrooms, the Learn from History (LFH) coalition seeks to combat deliberate misinformation about the current state of history education and the ways that historians write about and teach the centrality of racism to the ev:olution of American institutions,” wrote James Grossman (executive director of the AHA) and Beth English (executive director of the Organization of American Historians) in “AHA and OAH Join Coalition to Combat Misinformation: The Integrity of History Education Is at Stake” in Perspectives on History in September 2021. “LFH equips a wide range of stakeholders with resources to engage in the important grassroots work of countering misinformation about critical race theory and what is taught in the nation’s classrooms. . . . Most of the organizations in this coalition represent educators broadly defined, including organizations of school boards and superintendents. The AHA and OAH join with them to oppose cynical, politically motivated attempts to misrepresent what is taught in history classrooms and to maintain an educational landscape in which students are encouraged to explore ideas, ask questions, and develop a historical perspective drawn from primary sources and reputable scholarship.”