Published Date

December 28, 1945

Resource Type

GI Roundtable Series, Primary Source

One record made for the American Historical Association by the Historical Service Board was closed on December 31 when the Board went out of existence. One study room in the Annex and one staff member on part time have been retained for a few months until the last discussion pamphlet approved by the Board and the War Department is through the press. When the Japanese war ended, the education find information branch of the Army agreed with the Board officers on a fifty per cent cut in the topics under preparation, keeping in the first line those already far advanced. The total list issued, about forty-four in all, is printed in the Council minutes. We shall turn back to the Treasury a considerable sum, although the monthly payments on this year’s contract were only one third of what they were in the last fiscal year. The files of the Board as part of the archives of the Association will be deposited with the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. The record is a highly creditable one and the War Department, through General Frederick Osborn and’ Colonel Francis Spaulding, has voiced not once but often their appreciation of the Association’s co-operation in this part of the Army program of mass education. The Council has expressed to the individual members of the Board and to’ its staff its own word of commendation for the way in which they have discharged the commission given them in September, 1943. Not all of the Board were members of the American Historical Association but all have been jealous guardians of the good name of the Association which stood sponsor for their work.