Published Date

November 1, 1944

Resource Type

GI Roundtable Series, Primary Source

From GI Roundtable 90: GI Radio Roundtable (1944)

While some of you will want to cooperate with Armed Forces Radio Service outlets in organizing G.I. Radio Roundtable series, others will want to use such series as stimulation for discussion groups. After listening with your group to a Roundtable broadcast, continue the discussion where the broadcast left off. In the United States, network forums, roundtables and town meetings have been used very successfully in this way:

For practical suggestions on the conduct of off-duty discussion groups, see the War Department Education Manual EM 1, G.I. Roundtable: Guide for Discussion Leaders. This manual can be requisitioned from USAFI, Madison, Wisconsin, or the nearest USAFI Oversea Branch, in accordance with War Department Circulars Nos68 and 311, 1944.