Resources for Contingent Faculty

AHA Statements and Reports

Improving the Status of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty: Recommendations for History Departments (2020)

AHA Ad Hoc Committee on Contingent Faculty Final Report (2016)

Standards for Part-Time, Adjunct and Contingent Faculty (2011)

Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct (2019)

Statement on the Right to Engage in Collective Bargaining (2019)

Statements, Standards, and Guidelines of the Discipline

Articles and Information

Where Historians Work: An Interactive Database of History PhD Outcomes (2018)

Beyond "Roads Scholars": Perspectives from the AHA Committee on Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (2016)

Perspectives on Contingent Labor: Adjuncts, Temporary Contracts, and the Feminization of Labor (2015)

Underpaid and Underappreciated: A Portrait of Part-time Faculty (2012)

Depending on the Contingent: The Hidden Costs for History (2006)

Recommendations of the AHA/OAH Joint Committee (2003)

Major Problems Result from the Growing Use of Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty (2003)

1999 AHA Department Survey Shows Increased Hiring of Low-Wage Part-Time Faculty (1999)

Who Is Teaching in U.S. College Classrooms? A Coalition on the Academic Workforce Study of Undergraduate Faculty (1999)

Data on the academic job market and the employment of historians

Outside Resources

Government Accounting Office, Contingent Workforce: Size, Characteristics, Compensation, and Work Experiences of Adjunct and Other Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (2017)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2012-13 Humanities Department Survey (2014)

MLA Trend, “Our PhD Employment Problem, Part 2” (2014)

Coalition on the Academic Workforce, A Portrait of Part-Time Faculty Members: A Summary of Findings on Part-Time Faculty Respondents to the Coalition on the Academic Workforce Survey of Contingent Faculty Members and Instructors (2012)

The Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success

New Faculty Majority

American Association of Community Colleges

American Association of University Professors

American Federation of Teachers--Higher Education

Community College Humanities Association

Faculty Forward Network