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The Academic Job Market for History PhDs

A Good Year on the Job Market, but Troubles Loom (January 2009)

Number of History PhDs Rising Again, but Job Openings Keep Pace (January 2008)

History PhD Numbers Lowest in Almost a Decade as Job Listings Continue to Rise (January 2007)

New Study Highlights Prominence of Elite PhD Programs in History (October 2005)

Job Market Report 2005: Signs of Improvement? (January 2006)

Job Market Report 2004: Fall in Advertised Vacancies Contrasts with Growth in Faculty Size and Number of PhDs
(January 2005)

Job Market Report 2003: History Jobs Take a Tumble, but the Number of PhDs also Falls (December 2003)

History Job Market Report 2002: Gains Despite Poor Economy (December 2002)

Job Market Report 2001: Openings Booming . . . but for How Long? (December 2001)

Odds for Applicants Improving, According to Survey of Job Advertisers (January 2001)

Job Market Report 2000: History Job Openings Continue to Surge (December 2000)

Part-Time Faculty Data Highlight Disturbing Trends (October 2000)

Part-Time Teachers: The AHA Survey (April 2000)

1999 Job Market Report: Significant Improvement in Job Openings (November 1999)

1999 AHA Department Survey Shows Increased Hiring of Low-Wage Part-Time Faculty (September 1999)

1998 Job Market Report: Retirements Create More Opportunities but Job Gap Remains (January 1999)

Job Report 1997: Bleak Outlook for the History Job Market (April 1997)

Precedents: The History Job Crisis of the 1970s (April 1997)

Studies Report Mixed News for History Job Seekers (March 1997)

Salaries for Historians at Colleges and Universities

2009 Salary Report: Falling Further Behind (May 2009)

Barely Keeping Up? The 2007-08 Salary Report Suggests History Salaries Are Closing the Gap (May 2008)

Left Behind? Historians Lag in the 2006–07 Salary Report (November 2007)

The 2005-06 Salary Report: History Still Lags, but Sees Modest Gains at Private Institutions (May 2006)

The 2004-05 Salary Report: History Slips at Private Institutions, but Posts Modest Gains at Publics (May 2005)

The 2003-04 Salary Report: Turnaround at Private Colleges, Further Weakness at Public Institutions (May 2004)

The 2002–03 Salary Report: Anemic Growth for History (September 2003)

The 2001–02 Salary Report: History Gains Some Ground, but Job Market Is Taking a Toll (October 2002)

2000–01 Salary Report: Signs of Improvement (September 2001)

1999–2000 Salary Report: History Lags behind Other Disciplines (September 2000)

1998–99 Salary Report: History Emerging from Inflation's Shadow (September 1999)

Enrollments and History PhDs

History PhDs Grow in Number and Diversity in 2007-08 (January 2010)

Feds Report Rising Undergraduates and Declining PhDs in History (May 2009)

By Degrees: A Big Year for History (November 2008)

Challenges for History Doctoral Programs and Students: Rising Admissions and High Attrition (May 2008)

Undergraduate History Degrees Continue to Grow in Number (November 2007)

What Do We Know about History PhDs? (December 2006)

History Gains Ground in Majors and Undergraduate Degrees, Graduate Studies Continue to Decline (October 2006)

How Long to the History PhD? (February 2006)

A Statistical Snapshot of History PhDs: 2004 (January 2006)

Privileging History: Trends in the Undergraduate Origins of History PhDs (September 2005)

Rising Tide of History Undergraduates Contrasts with Declining PhDs: But Demographics of History Students Quite Different from Other Fields (December 2005)

History Degrees Declining Relative to Other Fields, but Newer Data Provides Some Cheer (March 2005)

Survey Shows Marked Drop in History PhDs (February 2005)

Survey Shows Sizable Increases in History Majors and Bachelor's Degrees (April 2004)

Number of History PhDs Inches Upward (January 2004)

History Takes a Tumble in Degrees Conferred: New Data Shows Field Lagging Behind (October 2003)

History Majors and Enrollments Rose Sharply between 1998 and 2001 (February 2003)

Slight Drop in the Number of New History PhDs in 2001 but Some Good News on Employment and Diversity (January 2003)

On the Plateau's Edge? Dramatic Growth of History PhDs in the 1990s Appears to Be Slowing (April 2001)

Latest Directory Data Show Further Growth in Undergraduate History Majors (November 2001)

More Than 1,000 New History PhDs in 1999 (April 2001)

Surge in Number of History Majors and Continued Growth in Undergraduate Enrollments (November 2000)

History PhD Production Hits 20-Year High (January 2000)

Sharp Increase in Number of History PhDs Awarded in 1997 to 1999 Enrollment Data Points to Coming Decline (October 1999)

Other Surveys and Reports

History in Those Hard Times: Looking for Jobs in The 1970s (Septmeber 2009)

The Status of Women and Minorities in the History Profession, 2008 (September 2008)

Oral History and Review Boards: Little Gain and More Pain (February 2006)

Slight Decline in History Book Publishing, but Still Near Record Highs (November 2005)

Publishing in 2003: One for the History Books? (October 2004)

History and the Future of Scholarly Publishing (October 2003)

The State of the History Department: A Report on the 2000–01 Department Survey (February 2003)

The 2002 AHA-OAH Survey of Part-time and Adjunct Faculty (October 2002)

The Status of Women and Minorities in the History Profession (April 2002)

New Data Reveals a Homogeneous but Changing History Profession (January 2002)

The State of the History Department: A Report on the 1999 Department Survey (November 2001)

Summary of Data from Surveys by the Coalition on the Academic Workforce: A Cross-disciplinary Study on the Use and Treatment of Part-time and Adjunct Faculty (November 2000)

AHA Survey Indicates Growing Acceptance of Internet (February 1999)

Survey of the Historical Profession, Public Historians, 1980-81: Summary Report (1981)

Survey of the Historical Profession, 1979-80: Summary Report (1980)