Proseminar in History Teaching (University at Buffalo)

by Dr. Kristin Stapleton, University of Buffalo

Using this Resource: This syllabus outlines course readings, assignments and activities associated with proseminar aimed at first-time Teaching Assistants.

Purpose of this Resource: This course was designed to introduce new TA's to the scholarship on teaching and learning within the discipline and to think critically about instruction, assignments and other aspects of collegiate pedagogy. 

Skills this Resource Addresses: Communication, Digital Literacy

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The proseminar on history teaching is a forum for conversations on techniques and resources foreffective history teaching. The focus is on college teaching in a variety of settings and formats;aspects of K-12 teaching and public history may also be addressed. Class meetings involvediscussion of short readings and problems encountered in the classroom. The major written assignment is a first draft of a teaching portfolio.

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