Career Diversity for Historians Faculty Institutes

With the generous support of the Mellon Foundation, the AHA’s Career Diversity for Historians initiative is working to better prepare graduate students and early-career historians for a range of career options, within and beyond the academy. During the pilot phase of Career Diversity, the AHA and pilot institutions developed insights that now lay the foundation for a truly national program aimed at enriching career preparation for graduate students. Beginning this June, faculty from 36 PhD-granting departments will meet at a series of Faculty Institutes to discuss emerging models for integrating Career Diversity into doctoral education and learn about resources that can help departments lay the groundwork for changes in graduate curriculum and programming. Faculty participants will emerge from the institutes with tools to begin conversations with their colleagues about the purpose of their departments' history PhD programs, the relationship between that purpose and the actual career paths of degree recipients, and the implications of each of these for cultural change and program structure.

More information about the Career Diversity initiative and the purpose of the Faculty Institutes can be found on About Career Diversity.

Summer Institute Schedule and Speakers

Fall Institute Schedule and Speakers

Call for Applications (deadline passed)

Participating Universities and Faculty Members

Brown University: Rebecca Nedostup, Robert Self, Caroline Castiglione
Georgetown University: Katie Benton-Cohen, Bryan McCann, Adam Rothman
Georgia State University: Denise Davidson, Michelle Brattain, Alex Cummings
Graduate Center, CUNY: Herman L. Bennett, Jennifer Furlong, Helena Rosenblatt, Andrew Robertson
Iowa State University: Simon Cordery, Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Kathleen Hilliard
Loyola University Chicago: Patricia Mooney-Melvin, Kyle Roberts, Stephen Schloesser
Michigan State University: Michael Stamm, Walter Hawthorne, Dean Rehberger, Pero Dagbovie, Karrin Hanshew
Northwestern University: Kate Masur, Ken Alder, Scott Sowerby
Southern Illinois University Carbondale: Holly Hurlburt, Ras Michael Brown, Jonathan Wiesen
St. John’s University: Nerina Rustomji, Dolores Augustine, Kristin Szylvian, Lara Vapnek
Stony Brook University: Jennifer L. Anderson, Paul Gootenberg, Shobana Shankar
Texas A&M University: Lorien Foote, David Vaught, Adam Seipp, Kate Unterman
Texas Christian University: Rebecca Sharpless, Jodi Campbell, Peter Worthing
University at Buffalo: Kristin Stapleton, Victoria Wolcott, Gail Radford
University of California, Berkeley: Mark Peterson, Margaret Chowning, James Vernon, Elena Schneider, Cathryn Carson
University of California, Davis: Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor, Edward Dickinson, Lorena Oropeza
University of California, Irvine: David Igler, Kavita Philip, Laura J. Mitchell
University of California, Santa Barbara: Salim Yaqub, Sharon Farmer, Alice O’Connor
University of Chicago: Ken Pomeranz, Emilio Kouri, Brodie Fischer
University of Connecticut: Mark Healey, Chris Clark, Sylvia Schafer
University of Florida: Sean Adams, Michelle Campos, Nina Caputo
University of Illinois at Chicago: Christopher Boyer, Malgorzata Fidelis, Robert Johnston
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Mark Steinberg, Clare Crowston, Antoinette Burton
University of Michigan: Rita Chin, Geoff Eley, Jay Cook, Matthew Countryman
University of Missouri–Kansas City: John Herron, Diane Mutti Burke, Chris Cantwell, Sandra Enriquez, Brian Frehner
University of New Mexico: Melissa Bokovoy, Enrique Sanabria, Sarah Davis-Secord, David Prior
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Fitz Brundage, Sarah Shields, Michelle King
University of Pittsburgh: Lara Putnam, Michel Gobat, Holger Hoock
University of South Florida: Julie Langford, Michael Decker, David K. Johnson
University of Tennessee, Knoxville: Ernest Freeberg, Denise Phillips, Luke Harlow
University of Texas at Austin: Alison Frazier, Jackie Jones, Jeremi Suri
University of Texas at El Paso: Jeffrey P. Shepherd, Sam Brunk, Yolanda Leyva
University of Utah: Eric Hinderaker, Paul Reeve, Matt Basso, Greg Smoak
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Amanda I. Seligman, Joseph Rodriguez, Chia Youyee Vang
Wayne State University: Elizabeth Faue, Eric Ash, Tracy Neumann
West Virginia University: Joseph M. Hodge, Kate Staples, Brian Luskey, Melissa Bingmann