Winter Institute Schedule

The AHA Career Diversity for Historians Winter Faculty Institute will take place at this year's annual meeting in Washington, DC. For information on registering, securing accommodations, and navigating the meeting, visit our Annual Meeting pages. Note: all Faculty Institute representatives must register for the annual meeting.

All sessions at the Faculty Institute are open to anyone who has registered for the annual meeting.

This syllabus is a guide for the designated faculty representative attending the AHA Career Diversity for Historians Winter Faculty Institute. Our intention is to take advantage of the annual meeting’s rich professional development opportunities while providing a flexible schedule allowing each representative to negotiate the competing demands of the meeting.

For a full list of Career Diversity-related programming at the 2018 annual meeting, see our Guide to Professional Development and Career Diversity at AHA18. If you are interested in thinking further about how your department prepares students to be future faculty, see the Guide to Teaching and Learning at AHA18. Please feel free to share these guides with other faculty and students from your department who are attending the annual meeting.

Session Selection Guidelines

All faculty representatives are required to attend the following session:

Imagine PhD and Career Diversity: Integrating Self Assessment, Career Exploration, and Planning into History Departments: Saturday, 10:30 AM–12:00 PM, Marriott Wardman Park, Marriott Ballroom, Salon 2.

In addition, representatives will choose sessions from each of three separate tracks:

  1. implementing Career Diversity within departments
  2. the role of teaching and pedagogy in doctoral curricula
  3. the diversity of career options open to historians

Career Diversity (2 sessions)

***In addition to Imagine PhD and Career Diversity, all participants are required to attend at least one of the other two sessions in this track.

These sessions focus directly on the process of implementing Career Diversity programming within history departments.

Teaching, Pedagogy, and Curriculum (2 sessions)

***Attend at least 2 of the following sessions.

There are many sessions related to teaching and learning at the annual meeting. We selected these sessions as part of the Faculty Institute to prompt reflection on how, when, or even if discussions about teaching, pedagogy, and curriculum occur in doctoral programs. Would doctoral students in your department be able to participate in these discussions? If so, where does that preparation occur? If not, what would need to change to better prepare them?

Historians at Work (2 sessions)

*** Attend at least 2 of the following sessions.

Historians practice our craft in a variety of professional settings. These sessions highlight some of the many types of work historians find outside the professoriate and address questions of identity for historians who pursue non-faculty careers.