Seminar Sessions

Seminar Sessions

Seminar sessions are submitted to the Program Committee by two or three facilitators, who develop a broad topic for a three-day, intensive discussion during the meeting. Seminars meet three times during the conference, allowing participants to sustain a conversation and build relationships. Once seminars are accepted by the Program Committee, 15 to 20 participants will be selected to participate in each seminar. Participants do not give papers but pre-circulate discussion documents according to guidelines circulated by the organizers.

Instructions for Proposing a Seminar

Individuals proposing a seminar should choose the “experimental session” option under “sessions” in the proposal system. Abstracts should specify in that the proposal is for a seminar. Abstracts should also describe the topic, goals, and format of the seminar and describe the documents to be circulated. Facilitators should be identified as “discussion leaders” in the proposal system.

Instructions for Applying to Participate in a Seminar

Once seminars have been approved by the Program Committee they will be posted on the AHA website with an application to participate. Facilitators may also contact persons in the field who might like to participate in the seminar. Graduate students are encouraged to apply. All potential participants will submit brief applications describing their interest in joining the seminar. Applications will be due by June 15.

Participants must commit to attending all three sections of the seminar. In accordance with the annual meeting guidelines, seminar participants may appear in one other role on the program, as long as it does not conflict with the seminar schedule.

The seminar selection committee works with the facilitators to select a group of 15 to 20 participants for each seminar, keeping in mind the diversity policy in the annual meeting guidelines. Seminar participants will be notified in early August and must register for the meeting by September 1 to be listed in the Annual Meeting Program.

Seminar facilitators may allow additional auditors to attend, but auditors must contact the facilitators in advance.