Portfolio: Regions of Canada

Regions of Canada

The Maritimes

Coal mining in the Maritimes.

A good haul of sardines.

Halifax is Canada’s greatest port on the Atlantic Ocean.

Snugly bedded in the lee of hills, this village looks to sea.

Central Provinces

Montreal, with 1,200,000 people, is Canada’s largest city.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa

A paper mill in Quebec

Iron ore at a lake port

Helldivers for the U. S. Navy

Prairie Lands

Grain elevators line the railroad track at prairie towns.

Harvest on the wheatlands that stretch north of the border

Cattle raising reached an all-time high during the war.

Pacific Province

Comox Valley, British Columbia

Lake Atlin, British Columbia

Logs float down western rivers to sawmills and paper mills.

From EM 47: Canada: Our Oldest Good Neighbor (1946)