EM 47: Canada: Our Oldest Good Neighbor (1946)

Canada: Our Oldest Good NeighborBy A.L. Burt
Professor of History, University of Minnesota
(Published January 1946)

How Important Is Canada to the United States?

  • How great is our stake in Canada?
  • How close are we to Canada?
  • To and fro across the border

Portfolio: Regions of Canada

  • The Maritimes
  • Central Provinces
  • Prairie Lands
  • Pacific Province

Is Canada Disunited by Its Geography?

  • The Maritime Provinces
  • Central Canada—Quebec and Ontario
  • The Prairie Provinces
  • The Pacific Province—British Columbia
  • Beads on a steel thread

Is There a Deep Split between French and English Canada?

  • How deep is the division?
  • Why the trouble over conscription?
  • The opening chasm

Portfolio: People

How Does Canada Govern Itself—Or Does Britain Do It?

  • The real boss
  • Loosening the reins of empire
  • The last remnants of subordination
  • What about imperial teamwork?

Portfolio: Canadian Government and Military

  • Government Enterprise
  • Canadian-U. S. Joint Defense

How Do the United States and Canada Get Along?

  • The International Joint Commission
  • Other examples of cooperation
  • Does Canada want annexation?
  • Why they stand aloof

What Kind of Economy Does Canada Have?

  • They seem to like it
  • What did World War I do to Canada?
  • Between the wars
  • What now and in future?

What Was Canada’s Role in World War II?

To the Discussion Leader

  • Aids to make discussion more interesting
  • Questions for discussion

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