EM 42: Our Chinese Ally (1944)

Our Chinese AllyBy Owen and Eleanor Lattimore
Mr. Lattimore, Director, Pacific Operations, Office of War Information
(Published August 1944)

Where Is China and What Does It Look Like?

  • China’s Provinces
  • Thirty Centuries of Isolation

Who Are the Chinese?

  • What Are Chinese Like?
  • Where Do the Chinese Live?
  • Two Occupational Groups
  • Modern Chinese

The Oldest Living Civilization

  • We Were Once the “Backward” Ones
  • In the Beginning
  • How Dynasties Rose and Fell
  • Of What Use Today Is an Old Civilization?

China and the West

  • Superior China
  • The Opium War and the Superior West
  • The Open Door Held China Together

The Chinese Revolution

  • The First Revolution Got Rid of the Manchus
  • The Second Revolution United China
  • Preparing for the Storm

The War in China

  • The War Began on Manchuria
  • The Sian Kidnaping
  • The “China Incident”
  • Trading Space for Time
  • Magnetic Warfare and Guerilla Fighting
  • After Pearl Harbor

Today and Tomorrow

  • Is China a Democracy?
  • Going to School in Wartime
  • Industrial Cooperatives
  • Modern Chinese Women
  • But China Is Not Yet Modernized
  • After the War

To the Leader

  • Who Are the Chinese?
  • The Oldest Civilization—Asset or Liability?
  • A Miracle?
  • Is China a Democracy?
  • China Tomorrow

Some Suggestions for Further Reading