EM 17: How Free Are the Skyways? (1945)

How Free Are the Skyways?By Blair Bolles
Foreign Policy Association
(Published December 1945)


Why Is Freedom of the Air a Peacetime Problem?

Closing the Skies

  • Does anybody own the air?
  • What is our stake?
  • The international air pioneers
  • The plane as an instrument of aggression
  • The economic fear

How Serious Are the Obstacles to Freedom?

  • Freedom of transit
  • Operational stops
  • Stopping to do business
  • Picking up business en route
  • Prewar cooperation
  • The prewar routes
  • Air commerce during the war
  • Wartime mileage increases
  • ATC and NATS

Can the Obstacles Be Removed?

  • More routes planned
  • More countries in the airways
  • The Chicago aviation conference
  • Familiar fears
  • Conference disagreements

Will Postwar Flying Be Quick and Cheap?

  • We are betting on these
  • Britain’s contenders
  • Are there too many planes on hand now?
  • How many paying passengers?
  • How much must they pay?
  • How much freight?
  • Are the prospects good or bad?

What Are the “Five Freedoms” of Air Transport?

  • What do they mean?
  • Results of the Chicago conference
  • Issues that remain

To the Discussion Leader

  • Aids to discussion
  • Questions for discussion

For Further Reading