Portfolio: Latin America

Figure 1

CATHEDRAL TOWERS in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Spanish architects and Indian artisans built many of Latin America’s fine churches.

Figure 2

THE PAN-AMERICAN highway now runs from Laredo, Texas, to Mexico City. This is the first mountain scene south of the border.

Figure 3

BRAZILIAN TROOPS, here shown when they landed at Naples, are the first Latin-American forces to serve actively in a European war.

Figure 4

RIO DE JANEIRO from the air. A modern city and a big one, Rio is also considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Figure 5

CITY OF GOOD AIR is the name of Argentina’s capital. Buenos Aires boasts many modern structures like the apartment at the left.

Figure 6

THE ROAST BEEF of Old England is produced on Argentine pampas. Three-quarters of the world’s exports of chilled beef come from there.

Figure 7

NORTHERN CHILE’S rich deposits of natural nitrates once paid most of the nation’s bills. Wartime demand has revived the industry.

Figure 8

THE COFFEE BEAN is more important to Brazil than the Baked Bean is to Boston. Brazil grows half the world’s coffee supply.

Figure 9

OIL UNDER WATER is nothing unusual where Lake Maracaibo overlies part of Venezuela’s immense reserves of petroleum.

Figure 10

BOLIVIAN TIN has been a prime asset of the United Nations’ war machine since Japan seized Malaya and the Dutch East Indies.

Figure 11

CENTRAL AMERICA grows most of the bananas eaten in the United States. These, however, are being shipped from Ecuador to Chile.


From EM 14: Is the Good Neighbor Policy a Success? (1945)