For Further Reading

These books are suggested for supplementary reading if you have access to them or wish to purchase them from the publishers. They are not approved nor officially supplied by the War Department. They have been selected because they give additional information and represent different points of view.


The All-American Front. By Duncan Aikman. Published by Doubleday, Doran and Co., Garden City, N. Y. (1941).

Our American Neighbors. From the original pamphlet series prepared by the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. Reprinted in one volume by Public Affairs Press, 2153 Florida Ave., Washington 8, D. C. (1945).

America and the Americans. By Hubert C. Herring. Published by Claremont Colleges, Claremont, Cal. (1944).

Good Neighbors: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, & Seventeen Other Countries. By Hubert C. Herring. Published by Yale University Press, 143 Elm St., New Haven, Conn. (1941).

Latin America: Its Place in World Life. By Samuel G. Inman. Published by Harcourt, Brace and Co., 383. Madison Ave., New York 17, N. Y. (revised edition, 1942).

Latin America. By Preston E. James. Published by Odyssey Press, 386 Fourth Ave., New York 16, N. Y. (1942).

Hands Off: A History of the Monroe Doctrine. By Dexter Perkins. Published by Little, Brown and Co., 34 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. (1941).

A Latin American Speaks. By Luis Quintanilla. Published by Macmillan Co., 60 Fifth Ave., New York 11, N. Y. (1943).

Latin America. By William L. Schurz. Published by E. P. Dutton and Co., 286-302 Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y. (1942).

Builders of Latin America. By Watt Stewart and Harold F. Peterson. Published by Harper and Brothers, 49 East 33rd St., New York 16, N. Y. (1942).

Inter-American Affairs. Edited by Arthur P. Whitaker. No. 3, covering events of 1943, of Annual Survey, published by Columbia University Press, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, N. Y. (1944).


The Good Neighbors. By Delia Goetz and Varian Fry. No. 17 of Headline Books, published by Foreign Policy Association, 22 East 38th St., New York 16, N. Y. (1941).

Argentina and the United States. By Clarence H. Haring. No. 5 of America Looks Ahead, published by World Peace Foundation, 40 Mount Vernon St., Boston 8, Mass. (1941).

From EM 14: Is the Good Neighbor Policy a Success? (1945)