EM 13: How Shall Lend-Lease Accounts Be Settled? (1945)

How Shall Lend-Lease Accounts Be Settled?By Horace Taylor
Professor of Economics, Columbia University
(Published January 1945)

How Did the Idea of Lend-Lease Get Started? And Why?

  • Where did lend-lease start?
  • Where was the fire?
  • Could we feel the heat over here?
  • The hour of decision
  • How to aid friends and hit Nazis
  • Why couldn’t Britain pay?
  • Should we be democracy’s arsenal?

How Was the Idea Turned into the Law of the Land?

  • Was lend-lease fully debated?
  • Arguments of its supporters
  • Why did the Army favor it?
  • Arguments of its opponents

How Much of What Goods Have We Sent to Which Allies?

  • What were the first results?
  • Lend-lease after Pearl Harbor
  • What’s our rate of aid now?
  • A few facts and figures
  • What’s been lend-leased and where?
  • What’s the breakdown?

How Much Help Do We Get Via Reverse Lend-Lease?

  • What kind of bundles from Britain?
  • Reverse lend-lease in the Pacific
  • The Burma-India Theater

What Criticisms Have Been Made against Lend-Lease?

  • How much is our fair share?
  • What do we get out of it?
  • Is our sacrifice too heavy?
  • Have errors been made?
  • What does the record show?
  • What is fact and what is fiction?
  • Are our allies ungrateful?
  • Are they chiseling on us?

What Principles Should Govern the Final Settlement?

  • What do the people think?
  • Can the books be balanced?
  • What is equality of sacrifice?
  • How do we stand in lives lost?
  • Shall we count only the dollars?
  • Is lend-lease a path to peace?
  • Is it a portal to prosperity?

What Are Some of the Concrete Problems to Be Faced?

  • What about lend-lease leftovers?
  • What about capital goods?
  • Strategic bases and materials

To the Leader

  • Questions for discussion
  • Charts
  • Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading