Published Date

January 7, 2021

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AHA Resource, For the Classroom, Vetted Resource


African American, Current Events in Historical Context, Political, Slavery, Social, Teaching Methods

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Graduate Education, K–12 Education, Undergraduate Education


United States

This resource is part of The Assault on the Capitol in Historical Perspective: Resources for Educators


“Violence in Political History: The Challenges of Teaching About the Politics of Power and Resistance” by Kellie Carter Jackson (Perspectives on History, 2011)

“‘Far Worse Than Nixon’” by Colleen Flaherty (Inside Higher Ed, 2020)

“The Violence at the Heart of Our Politics” by Joanne B. Freeman (The New York Times, 2017)

“Yes, Political Rhetoric Can Incite Violence” by Nathan Kalmoe (Politico, 2018)

“Pulling Our Politics Back from the Brink” by Evan Osnos (The New Yorker, 2020)

#CharlestonSyllabus (Chad Williams, Kidada E. Williams, Keisha N. Blain, Melissa Morrone, Ryan P. Randall, Cecily Walker) includes a list of readings to support conversations in the classroom about the history of race relations and racial violence in the US.

“What Do We Mean by Populism? The ‘Second’ Klan as a Case Study” by Linda Gordon (Perspectives on History, 2017)

AHA Statement on the History of Racist Violence in the United States (American Historical Association, 2020)

A Bibliography of Historians’ Responses to COVID-19 — Race & Health: This section addresses current and historical public health crises within the context of xenophobia, racism, and racial inequity. Use the linked Zotero Library to find more specific topics (American Historical Association, 2020)

“Teaching the History of Racist Violence in the High School Classroom,” a Virtual AHA webinar featuring Reginald K. Ellis, Tina L. Heafner, and Jacqueline Jones (YouTube, 2020)

“Erasing History or Making History? Race, Racism, and the American Memorial Landscape,” a Virtual AHA webinar featuring David W. Blight, Annette Gordon-Reed, and James Grossman (YouTube, 2020)

Historians on the Confederate Monument Debate: this bibliography includes statements, op-eds, interviews, and other media conversations about the importance of historical thinking and knowledge within debates over Confederate monuments. (American Historical Association, 2017)