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February 23, 2002

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GI Roundtable Series

Some pamphlets were commissioned but never published. The reasons for these cancellations vary, but many of them could not be finished and edited to satisfaction before the end of the war. When a pamphlet was cancelled the copyright was given back to the author. Therefore, these pamphlets cannot be published, though the original drafts are available in the AHA Papers in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress.

Conciliation or Conflict?
(Alternative titles included “Peaceful Settlement of Disputes,” “World Organization for Peace,” and “Can We Sidetrack Future Wars”)
By Leland Goodrich, World Peace Foundation Director
Rewritten by Arthur Lovejoy

Southeast Asia: Has Southeast Asia come of age?
By Lenox Mills, Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota
Submitted September 27, 1944

Independence for India?
(Alternative title “Freedom for India”)
By David Wilson, Professor of History, University of Minnesota
Submitted March 26, 1945

Should Congress Lead or Follow Public Opinion?
By Hadley Cantril, Director, Office of Public Research, Princeton University
Submitted December 8, 1944
Rejected by the War Department

Should Congress Streamline Itself?
By Cushman Coyle
Submitted June 26, 1945

What Kind of Education Should My Children Have?
Original by Dr. Francis J. Brown, American Council on Education
Rewritten by Kenneth M. Gould, Chief Editor, Scholastic
Rewritten by Dr. Edgar B. Wesley, University of Minnesota
Rewritten by Professor Everett Sackett, University of New Hampshire
Submitted February 8, 1945
Cancelled August 29, 1945

Should We Have Postwar Price Control?
(Alternative titles “Price Control” and “Rationing)
Original by R.B. Hefelbower, Economist, Food Price Division, OPA
Rewritten by Maxwell Stewart, Editor, Public Affairs Committee
Submitted February 21, 1945
Cancelled August 30th, 1945

How Can I Decide about a Postwar Job?
(Alternative title “Me and My Job”)
By Wendell White, Professor, University of Minnesota
Submitted February 26, 1945
Cancelled August 29, 1945

Is Labor Carrying Its Load?
By Joseph Loftus, New York Times, Washington Bureau
Submitted April 25, 1945
Cancelled August 29, 1945

Can a World Free Press Be Achieved?
By Lewellyn White, Commission on Freedom of the Press
Submitted May 26, 1945
Cancelled August 29, 1945

Have We a Free Press?
By Robert E. Cushman, Professor of Government, Cornell University

How Will You Get Along with the Folks at Home?
By Professor Kimball Young, Army University Center
Revised by William Miller
Cancelled August 18, 1945

Whose Job Is Reconversion?
By Arthur Upgren, Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Revised by David Coyle
Cancelled August 18, 1945

Are Cartels Necessary for World Economic Stability?
By Ben Lewis, Professor of Economics, Oberlin College

Who Should Choose a Career in the Army?
By Joseph L. Greene, Col., Inf. Editor, Infantry Journal

Can You Spot a Fascist or a Communist?
(No author commissioned; just a suggested topic)

Are Leaders Born or Made?
By Ordway Tead, Editor, Harper & Brothers Publishers

Should We Swear Off Foreign Trade?
By Morris S. Rosenthal, Executive VP, Stein, Hall, & Corplne

Can You Help Make Foreign Policy?

Should Labor Unions Be Further Regulated?
By Louis Stark, New York Times
Submitted January 13, 1945

Should We Restrict Immigration Further after the War?
(Shall we change our Immigration Policy?)
By Maurice Davie, Department of Sociology, Yale University, and Committee for the Study of Immigration
Submitted September 27, 1945

Who Runs My Town?
By Robert E. and Mary P. Keohane, University of Chicago

What about Argentina?
By Yashel Rennie, Author, The Argentine Republic
Submitted September 27, 1945

Robert B. Townsend
Robert B. Townsend

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