Published Date

October 2, 2018

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For Departments, For Professional Development

AHA Topics

Graduate Education

This resource was developed as part of the AHA’s Career Diversity for Historians initiative

The Career Diversity Committee
Department of History
Univ. of New Mexico

Durwood Ball
Melissa Bokovoy
Sarah Davis-Secord
Jairo Marshall
Jennifer McPherson
David Prior
Enrique Sanabria
Virginia Scharff
Shannon Withycombe

Using This Resource Guide: This resource guide can be used by history Ph.D. departments and faculty interested in exploring Career Diversity and re-evaluating their graduate programs. This guide outlines approaches to faculty and graduate student engagement, Career Diversity programming, and alumni outreach.

Purpose of the Resource Guide:  This comprehensive handbook summarizes the process of developing and implementing Career Diversity programming to re-think graduate education and career paths for history Ph. D.s at the University of New Mexico. The Career Diversity Committee offers useful insights and reflects on lessons learned throughout this multi-year process. It includes program timelines, internship templates, meeting agendas, discussion questions, and budgets that faculty can modify to fit their own institutions.

Skills It Addresses: Collaboration, Communication, Intellectual Self-Confidence, Digital and/or Quantitative Literacy

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