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The American Historical Review is available electronically to members via Oxford University Press.

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  • Files should be composite PDFs, not separated. 

  • All fonts and images should be embedded and subset below 100%. 

  • All ads should have an effective resolution of 300 dpi (minimum). 

  • Color ads should be supplied as CMYK only (e.g. no RGB, Lab color, ICC color based or Pantone Color). 

  • Monochrome bitmap images (line-art) should have an effective resolution of 1200 dpi. 

  • Half-tone dot range should be in the range of 3% to 95%. 

  • Ads set to the type area should be surrounded by a box, and have no registration marks or catch lines. 

  • Bleed ads should have crop marks set to the trim size dimensions, and will be trimmed accordingly. Please allow 3mm bleed on all four sides. 

  • Any vector-based objects with transparency effect must be rasterized to 600 dpi in the source file itself, before creating the PDF.

Full specs can be found in the 2021 AHR Media Kit


Issue Date Deadline
March 2021 Issue January 4, 2021
June 2021 Issue April 8, 2021
September 2021 Issue July 13, 2021
December 2021 Issue October 1, 2021


Carol Levine
Corporate Advertising Account Manager
t: 917-297-7114  

AHR Still Has Highest “Impact” in History

The American Historical Review continues to have the highest "impact factor" among history journals, according to the new Journal Citation Reports from Thomson Reuters. 

The impact factor measures how often articles in a particular journal are cited by peer-reviewed journals in their database. While this is a rather crude gauge of the actual value of recent articles in these journals, it provides one of the few objective measures for testing the overall influence of journals. 

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