AHA Announcements: 2022 Archive

  • AHA Collaborates on Proposed Virginia History and Social Science Draft Standards (December 2022)

    Dec 30, 2022 - 

    The American Historical Association, the Virginia Social Studies Leaders Consortium, and the Virginia Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development “have collaborated to share their collective knowledge, experience, and expertise” to draft proposed history and social science standards for K–12 schools. Our work responds to the Virginia Board of Education’s (VBOE) determination at its recent meeting that neither of the two documents on the table were satisfactory; a new draft was needed that would combine the two proposals with reference to the existing (2015) standards. We are grateful to our partners for inviting the AHA to participate in the standards revision process.

    Brief Background:

    In October, the AHA sent a letter to the Virginia Department of Education urging adoption of draft standards of learning for history and social science submitted in August, and reiterating the AHA’s offer to assist if revisions were necessary. In November, the AHA encouraged historians to testify at a VBOE hearing that would consider the August proposal and a new document that was deeply flawed, rooted partly in the ill-fated federal “1776 Commission“ report (2021). The AHA’s letter warned that “a new version of revised standards, dated November 11, would create substantial gaps in the knowledge, historical thinking skills, and habits of mind taught to Virginia students.”

    “As the largest organization of professional historians in the world, the AHA can provide expertise and insights into history education at all levels, and we were happy to be helpful,” AHA executive director James Grossman told the Virginia Mercury. The new draft standards, which are expected to come before the Virginia Board of Education in January, were also featured in articles from Virginia Public Media and DC News Now.

  • AHA on Virginia Social Studies Standards Revisions Process (November 2022)

    Nov 16, 2022 - 

    The AHA encourages testimony before the Virginia Board of Education (VBOE) about the state’s social studies standards process. “In October, the AHA sent a letter to the Virginia Board of Education (VBOE) (and to each of its members individually) commending the draft standards that the VBOE considered at its August meeting and offering our assistance with the process....Unfortunately, the VBOE seems prepared to possibly choose a set of draft Standards of Learning that have been substantially altered in ways that are fundamentally at odds with the AHA's criteria and the best practices of history and social studies education. A new version of revised standards, dated November 11, would create substantial gaps in the knowledge, historical thinking skills, and habits of mind taught to Virginia students. The likely result: serious shortcomings in student understanding of American history in particular and historical thinking in general. This is not the way to create a thoughtful and informed citizenry.”

  • Julia Young Represents AHA at Inauguration of Catholic University of America President Peter K. Kilpatrick (November 2022)

    Nov 15, 2022 - 

    On November 11, AHA member Julia Young (Catholic Univ. of America) attended the inauguration of Peter K. Kilpatrick as the 16th president of the Catholic University of America as a representative for the AHA. 

  • AHA and OAH Co-Sponsor Amicus Brief in Haaland v. Brackeen (November 2022)

    Nov 09, 2022 - 

    The American Historical Association (AHA) and the Organization of American Historians (OAH) have jointly co-sponsored an amicus curiae brief in the Supreme Court case Haaland v. Brackeen. This brief, based on decades of study and research by professional historians, aims to provide an accurate historical perspective as the court deliberates the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

    The AHA and OAH support the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), which was enacted in 1978 with strong support from Native Americans to end the forced removal of Native children from their families.

  • W. Caleb McDaniel Represents AHA at Inauguration of Rice University President (October 2022)

    Oct 24, 2022 - 

    On October 22, AHA member W. Caleb McDaniel (Rice Univ.) represented the AHA at the inauguration of Reginald DesRoches as the eighth president of Rice University. The inauguration was part of a slate of investiture events this fall for DesRoches, the first Black president of Rice and the first immigrant to hold the position. 

  • AHA Sends Letter to Virginia Board of Education Urging Adoption of Proposed History Standards (October 2022)

    Oct 19, 2022 - 

    The American Historical Association has sent a letter to the Virginia Board of Education urging the board to proceed with adoption of the draft standards of learning for history and social science. “The history education elaborated in these standards would properly expose students to complex and contested voices from the past, making them competitive job candidates and enhancing their future career prospects,” wrote the AHA. “Moving forward with the proposed standards will show historians, teachers, parents, and students that their careful input is valued.”

  • AHA Supports Nomination of Shogan as Archivist of the United States (September 2022)

    Sep 21, 2022 - 

    The AHA has sent a letter to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs stating that it “enthusiastically supports” the nomination of Colleen Shogan as the 11th Archivist of the United States. Dr. Shogan “has worked effectively and productively with our members in such important settings as the Library of Congress, the White House Historical Society, and the America250 Commission,” the AHA wrote. “She has been especially effective as a collaborator across disciplines, drawing on her political science background to complement the work of archivists, librarians, and historians.”

  • Petra Goedde Represents AHA at Inauguration of Temple University President (September 2022)

    Sep 20, 2022 - 

    On September 16, AHA member Petra Goedde (Temple Univ.) represented the AHA at the inauguration of Jason Wingard as the 12th president of Temple University. Wingard, Temple’s first Black president, was formally welcomed by the Board of Trustees at an investiture ceremony during Temple’s 2022 Homecoming & Family Weekend.

  • AHA Sends Letter to South Dakota Board of Education Opposing Social Studies Standards Revision Process (September 2022)

    Sep 19, 2022 - 

    The AHA has sent a letter to the South Dakota Board of Education Standards “register[ing] strong concern regarding the social standards revisions process undertaken by the Board of Education in 2022.” The proposed standards, as well as the process by which they were developed, fail to meet the AHA’s Criteria for Standards in History/Social Studies/Social Sciences. “By design, the proposed standards omit any and all forms of historical inquiry in favor of rote memorization. There are no references to the practice of historical interpretation, understanding historical context, or critical thinking,” the AHA wrote. “The AHA’s criteria emphasize that good history education helps students learn to explore issues from various angles; the proposed standards fall far short of incorporating multiple historical perspectives.”

    This letter followed letters sent to the South Dakota legislature in February 2022 opposing proposed legislation that would have restricted history education. The legislation did not pass, but similar restrictions against “divisive concepts” and “critical race theory” were put in place through an executive order from Governor Kristi Noem.

  • Message from James H. Sweet (August 2022)

    Aug 19, 2022 - 

    My September Perspectives on History column has generated anger and dismay among many of our colleagues and members. I take full responsibility that it did not convey what I intended and for the harm that it has caused. I had hoped to open a conversation on how we “do” history in our current politically charged environment. Instead, I foreclosed this conversation for many members, causing harm to colleagues, the discipline, and the Association.

    A president’s monthly column, one of the privileges of the elected office, provides a megaphone to the membership and the discipline. The views and opinions expressed in that column are not those of the Association. If my ham-fisted attempt at provocation has proven anything, it is that the AHA membership is as vocal and robust as ever. If anyone has criticisms that they have been reluctant or unable to post publicly, please feel free to contact me directly.

    I sincerely regret the way I have alienated some of my Black colleagues and friends. I am deeply sorry. In my clumsy efforts to draw attention to methodological flaws in teleological presentism, I left the impression that questions posed from absence, grief, memory, and resilience somehow matter less than those posed from positions of power. This absolutely is not true. It wasn’t my intention to leave that impression, but my provocation completely missed the mark.

    Once again, I apologize for the damage I have caused to my fellow historians, the discipline, and the AHA. I hope to redeem myself in future conversations with you all. I’m listening and learning.

  • AHA Signs Amicus Curiae Brief in Haaland v. Brackeen (August 2022)

    Aug 19, 2022 - 

    The AHA, along with the Organization of American Historians, has become a signatory to an amicus curiae brief in the Supreme Court case Haaland v. Brackeen. This brief, based on decades of study and research by professional historians, aims to provide an accurate historical perspective as the Court considers the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

  • AHA Position Opening – Manager of Teaching and Learning (August 2022)

    Aug 09, 2022 - 

    Join our collaborative team of staff dedicated to promoting history and supporting the work of historians. The AHA is accepting applications for Manager of Teaching and Learning. We will begin reviewing applications on August 29, 2022.

  • AHA Congratulates Colleen Shogan, Nominee for Archivist of the United States (August 2022)

    Aug 04, 2022 - 

    The American Historical Association joins the American Political Science Association (APSA) in applauding the nomination of Colleen Shogan for Archivist of the United States. APSA’s statement congratulating Dr. Shogan on the nomination notes, “Dr. Shogan has an outstanding record of executive leadership and service in government, an extensive record of research management, and an abiding commitment to the enduring value of the National Archives to our democracy and an informed citizenry.” The AHA looks forward to working with Dr. Shogan and her colleagues at the National Archives and Records Administration. Visit the APSA website for their full statement congratulating Shogan. 

  • AHA Sends Letter to Virginia Governor Regarding Board of Historic Resources Appointments and Confederate Monuments (August 2022)

    Aug 03, 2022 - 

    The American Historical Association has sent a letter to Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin affirming the “importance of input from qualified historians” in deliberations about monuments in public spaces. “Your appointments to the Board of Historic Resources and other historical institutions fall within that reference to professional qualifications and democratic decision-making,” the AHA wrote. “A productive conversation requires that all participants act in good faith, with an informed understanding of scholarship and a careful and nuanced appreciation of the historical context.” The letter included a copy of the AHA’s Statement on Confederate Monuments, which “urge[s] communities faced with decisions about monuments to draw on the expertise of historians both for understanding the facts and chronology underlying such monuments and for deriving interpretive conclusions based on evidence.”

  • History, the Supreme Court, and Dobbs v. Jackson: Joint Statement from the AHA and the OAH (July 2022)

    Jul 06, 2022 - 

    The AHA and the Organization of American Historians have jointly issued a statement expressing dismay that the US Supreme Court “declined to take seriously the historical claims of our [amicus curiaebrief” in its Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision. “Instead, the court adopted a flawed interpretation of abortion criminalization that has been pressed by anti-abortion advocates for more than thirty years. … These misrepresentations are now enshrined in a text that becomes authoritative for legal reference and citation in the future. The court’s decision erodes fundamental rights and has the potential to exacerbate historic injustices and deepen inequalities in our country.” To date, 30 organizations have signed onto the statement.

  • “Abortion, Choice, and the Supreme Court: History Behind the Headlines” (July 2022)

    Jul 01, 2022 - 

    Join us for our free AHA Online event, “Abortion, Choice, and the Supreme Court: History Behind the Headlines,” on Wednesday, July 6, at 3 PM ET. 

    This AHA Online event brings together four leading scholars to place Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in historical context. How did we get here from Roe v. Wade (1973)? Why is history central to this jurisprudence and its implications?


    • Nancy F. Cott, Jonathan Trumbull Research Professor of American History, Harvard University
    • Melissa Murray, Frederick I. and Grace Stokes Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Network, New York University School of Law
    • Aaron Tang, Professor of Law, University of California, Davis School of Law

    Moderated by: Leslie J. Reagan, Professor of History, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    To attend, please register. Can't make it? Don't worry-- register anyway and receive the link to the recording, which will be posted to the AHA's YouTube channel, after the event.

  • AHA Endorses LGBTQI+ Data Inclusion Act (June 2022)

    Jun 24, 2022 - 

    The AHA has formally endorsed the LGBTQI+ Data Inclusion Act, a bill that “ensures that lawmakers and federal agencies have the comprehensive data they need to advance policies that better serve LGBTQI+ people.” “Full equality and sound policy can only be achieved when we count all members of our community,” said Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-03), who introduced the legislation. “Lawmakers and agencies are one step closer to finally having comprehensive data to craft better policies to remedy and address the disparities faced by LGBTQI+ individuals—particularly people of color—to ensure their needs are met.” The bill passed the US House of Representatives on June 23.

  • AHA Signs On to ASEH Letter Opposing Closure of EPA Digital Archive (May 2022)

    Jun 14, 2022 - 

    The AHA has signed onto a letter from the American Society for Environmental History opposing the Environmental Protection Agency’s plans to sunset its online archive in July 2022. In addition to being “immensely useful to environmental historians,” ASEH writes, “[t]he site has provided resources for others working in ecology, biology, toxicology, and other environmental sciences as well as geography, law, sociology, political science, and public health. … Not least among those who have relied on the EPA’s online archive are those working with and living in more marginalized or environmental justice communities, a stated priority of current EPA leadership.”

  • AHA Signs On to Letter Advocating for Title VI Funding (May 2022)

    May 31, 2022 - 

    The AHA has signed on to a letter to Congress from the Coalition for International Education urging stronger funding for the US Department of Education’s International and Foreign Language Education programs, including HEA-Title IV programs and Fulbright-Hays programs. “Many more programs would be made available to address the nation’s critical needs for advanced fluency in foreign languages, world regions and international business,” the letter states. “Students from all racial and socio-economic backgrounds would have more opportunities to obtain the international experience and skills in growing demand across a wide range of professional and technical fields impacting our global engagement, security and competitiveness.”

  • AHA Brief Videos Send a Message to Americans as Memorial Day Approaches (May 2022)

    May 27, 2022 - 

    As part of the Teaching History with Integrity initiative, the AHA has released two short videos:

    1. In “Historians Speak,” historians describe how exploring our nation's past honestly in the classroom benefits all students, and how the freedom to learn strengthens our shared democracy.
    2. In “Confronting a Nation's Past,” a public school teacher explains how growing up in Germany and learning to confront her nation's past offers some lessons to American educators and parents.

  • NCSS Releases Statement on Guns Violence and Our Schools (May 2022)

    May 27, 2022 - 

    Our colleagues at the National Council for the Social Studies have released an eloquent statement regarding gun violence in schools. To understand recent tragedies, NCSS explains, students need the historical perspectives that many state legislatures are trying to remove from the curriculum. 

  • AHA Director of Research and Publications Contributes Chapter to New Book on US Military (May 2022)

    May 24, 2022 - 

    Sarah Weicksel, AHA director of research and publications, contributed a chapter to The Military and the Market (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press), a new volume of essays edited by AHA members Mark Wilson (Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte) and Jennifer Mittelstadt (Rutgers Univ.). The Military and the Market will be available in November 2022.

  • AHA Member Appointed Dean of Columbia Journalism School (May 2022)

    May 24, 2022 - 

    Congratulations to AHA member Jelani Cobb, who has been appointed as the next dean of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. “Jelani’s vision for the future of the Journalism School is one that embraces the vital role of journalism in our society, on a local and global scale, and the need to ensure our graduates are as well prepared as possible for an incredibly dynamic and changing field,” Columbia president Lee C. Bollinger said of Cobb’s appointment.

  • Hiring: Program Assistant, Academic & Professional Affairs (May 2022)

    May 19, 2022 - 

    The AHA is accepting applications for program assistant, academic and professional affairs to provide administrative support for the AHA's work focused on undergraduate and graduate education in history, collecting and interpreting data regarding the history discipline, and related issues. Review of applications will begin June 6, 2022, and will continue until position is filled.

  • Hiring: Two Full-Time Researchers (May 2022)

    May 13, 2022 - 

    The AHA is accepting applications for two full-time researchers for its project, Mapping the Landscape of Secondary US History Education, as part of a two-year, grant-funded initiative. Review of applications will begin May 27, 2022, and will continue until position is filled.

  • AHA Member Attends Inauguration of Clark University President (May 2022)

    May 13, 2022 - 

    On April 30, AHA member Amy Richter (Clark Univ.) represented the AHA at the inauguration of David B. Fithian as the 10th president of Clark University. Students, faculty, staff, and other guests attended the event to hear Fithian’s inaugural address, “Reaching for Altitude,” at Mechanics Hall in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts.

  • Hiring: American Historical Review Managing Editor (May 2022)

    May 02, 2022 - 

    The AHA is accepting applications for a managing editor to oversee the production of its scholarly journal, the American Historical Review. Review of applications will begin May 18, 2022, and will continue until position is filled.

  • AHA Revises Collective Bargaining Statement (April 2022)

    Apr 21, 2022 - 

    The AHA has revised its statement on the right of all historians to organize and join unions. Our position remains the same on that fundamental right, but the revision offers some clarifications, especially on the inclusion of graduate students among that community of historians.

  • AHA Awards $2.5 Million in Funding to Small History Organizations Nationwide (March 2022)

    Mar 29, 2022 - 

    Fifty organizations will receive grants ranging from $12,000 to $75,000 each through the AHA's Grants to Sustain and Advance the Work of Historical Organizations Program, a funding opportunity made possible with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The grant recipients will implement short-term projects that explore new ideas or build on experiments initiated during the pandemic-from online programming or publications to using new technologies or expanding audiences and accessibility. The grant recipients include site-based organizations, membership associations, and history departments at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 

  • AHA Signs On to Joint Statement of Opposition to Banning Scholars Based on Citizenship (March 2022)

    Mar 17, 2022 - 

    The American Historical Association has signed onto a joint statement from the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies, and the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages “strongly oppos[ing] the vilification and exclusion of our Russian and Belarusian students and colleagues.” “Banning Russians and Belarusians based solely on their citizenship goes against our fundamental principles of scholarship, open communication, and dialogue,” says the statement. “Such sanctions have the potential to harm those living in authoritarian regimes who are opposed to the war. We encourage all members of our community who stand against the war in Ukraine to come together and support our students and colleagues.”

  • AHA Sends Letter to Iowa State University Urging Reconsideration of Planned Budget Cuts (March 2022)

    Mar 16, 2022 - 

    The American Historical Association has sent a letter to the leadership of Iowa State University expressing “grave concern about Iowa State University’s ‘reimagining’ of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the imposition of a cumulative 34% cut to the Department of History’s already lean operating budget.” “[W]e are mystified by the logic of a budget that will so dramatically diminish the presence of a department that has performed well, operated efficiently, and plays a central role in the university’s historic roots as a land grant institution dedicated to the role of higher education in public culture,” the AHA writes. The letter urges “the college to reconsider its drastic differential cuts” and emphasizes the Department of History is a “positive good to the budget, the university, and the citizens of Iowa.”

  • AHA Signs On to Coalition for International Education Letter Urging Reauthorization of Key Title IV Programs (March 2022)

    Mar 10, 2022 - 

    The AHA has signed on to a letter from the Coalition for International Education calling on congressional leaders to support the reauthorization of key programs under Title VI of the Higher Education Act. “Since the National Defense Education Act of 1958, Title VI continues to be a key federal-university partnership in the nation’s strategy for ensuring US security, global competitiveness, and deep understanding of foreign languages and cultures,” the letter states. “The USICA and COMPETE Act bills reauthorize the key Title VI foundational programs that address the nation’s critical and expanding needs for expertise in foreign languages, world regions, and international business, to be available whenever an international or global crisis erupt.”

  • AHA Signs On to African Studies Association Statement on Discriminatory Treatment of Africans Fleeing War in Ukraine (March 2022)

    Mar 10, 2022 - 

    The AHA has signed onto a statement from the African Studies Association (ASA) on the “discriminatory treatment meted out to Africans, including scholars and students, fleeing the war in Ukraine.” In the statement, the ASA condemns “this discriminatory, inhumane, and racist treatment of Africans fleeing Ukraine, which clearly violates international law,” and “call[s] on Ukrainian and authorities in neighboring countries to treat all those fleeing the conflict equally, with dignity, and without discrimination based on race or status.”

  • Hiring: AHA Senior Accountant (March 2022)

    Mar 04, 2022 - 

    The AHA is accepting applications for a senior accountant to manage the Association’s business office operations and serve as liaison to the AHA’s outsourced CPA firm. Review of applications will begin March 18, 2022, and will continue until position is filled.

  • Historians Condemn Russian Invasion of Ukraine (February 2022)

    Feb 28, 2022 - 

    The AHA has released a statement “condemn[ing] in the strongest possible terms Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine” and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s abuse of history as justification for the attack. “Putin’s rhetorical premise for this brutal violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty is anchored by a set of outlandish historical claims, including an argument that Ukraine was entirely a Soviet creation,” the AHA wrote. “We vigorously support the Ukrainian nation and its people in their resistance to Russian military aggression and the twisted mythology that President Putin has invented to justify his violation of international norms.” To date, 42 organizations have signed onto the statement.

  • Bomb Threats against HBCUs: A History of Domestic Terrorism (February 2022)

    Feb 23, 2022 - 

    The AHA has released a statement historicizing and condemning the numerous bomb threats received by at least 17 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in early 2022. “These crimes are part of a long history of attacks on institutions that serve the Black community” writes the AHA. “[These acts] spawned not only a hateful legacy, but also a current, ongoing threat to the physical safety and emotional well-being of all Black Americans.” To date, 44 organizations have signed onto the statement.

  • AHR Launches New History in Focus Podcast (February 2022)

    Feb 23, 2022 - 

    The American Historical Review has launched a new podcast, History in Focus. Go behind the scenes with the world's leading history journal as we explore the who, what, how, and why of doing history in the 21st century. In the first episode, History in Focus producer and host Daniel Story talks with AHR editor Mark Philip Bradley about the changes coming to the journal in March, before turning to a conversation with contributors to the Odeuropa project, an EU grant-funded research endeavor that seeks to excavate and bring back to life the smells of Europe’s past. Tune in on the AHA’s website or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. 

  • AHA Condemns Violations of Presidential Records Act (February 2022)

    Feb 09, 2022 - 

    The AHA has released a statement “condemn[ing] in the strongest terms former President Donald J. Trump’s reported extensive and repeated violations of the Presidential Records Act of 1978.” “Historians, journalists, and other researchers depend on the preservation of presidential records to educate the public and inform future administrations,” the AHA wrote. “These acts of destruction and noncompliance with the Presidential Records Act demonstrate blatant contempt for both the rule 20of law and the principles of transparency and accountability that constitute the bedrock of our nation’s democracy.” To date, 30 organizations have signed onto this statement.

  • AHA Sends Letter to Collin College President Regarding Nonrenewal of History Faculty (February 2022)

    Feb 07, 2022 - 

    The AHA has sent a letter to Collin College president Dr. Neil Matkin stating that it “views with alarm your decision not to renew the contract of Dr. Michael Phillips, professor of history” after Professor Phillips’s request that his students “consider wearing masks to protect their own health and the health of their classmates.” This request, along with the historical context Professor Phillips provided about responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, was “well within institutional guidelines. . . . We fear that your actions will serve to intimidate other history professors who seek to teach about the history of pandemics and other controversial issues, and seek to protect the health of their students.”

  • AHA Signs on to Statement Urging State Department to Protect Afghan Students and Scholars (February 2022)

    Feb 03, 2022 - 

    The AHA has signed onto a statement from the Middle Eastern Studies Association, the American Institute of Afghan Studies, and Scholars at Risk encouraging US State Department officials “to take immediate action to enable the safe and speedy relocation of Afghanistan's students and scholars, many of whom represent the best and brightest of the country's young generation.” The current admission pathways into the US, the statement says, “are not available to many Afghans who face challenges . . . . As the spring semester commences, we strongly encourage the White House to seize this moment and open a pathway for them to return to school and productive academic careers.”

  • Hiring: AHA Meetings and Virtual Events Assistant (February 2022)

    Feb 02, 2022 - 

    Join our collaborative team of staff dedicated to promoting history and the work of historians! The AHA is accepting applications for a meetings and virtual events assistant. Review of applications will begin February 28, 2022, and will continue until position is filled. We will consider applicants who can begin work May 2022 or earlier. 

  • AHA Council Commends Staff for 135th Annual Meeting (January 2022)

    Jan 12, 2022 - 

    On behalf of the entire membership of the AHA, the AHA Council offers its highest commendation and deep gratitude for the efforts of AHA staff in organizing a successful annual meeting. Despite the obstacles posed by COVID-19, over 900 members attended the meeting in New Orleans, even as dozens of panels moved online (to take place in late February). These last-minute changes took Herculean effort on the part of executive director Jim Grossman and his staff. Council is especially grateful to meetings manager Debbie Doyle, who essentially organized two entirely “new” meetings—one in person and one online—during the last two weeks of December and the first week of January. Thanks to the tireless work of AHA staff, the organization is not only on sounder financial ground than it would have been had the meeting been canceled, but the membership also enjoyed an even broader range of intellectual exchanges and professional development opportunities than would normally be the case.


    James H. Sweet
    AHA President, 2022

  • AHA Sends Letter Opposing Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District Resolution

    Jan 06, 2022 - 

    The AHA sent a letter to leaders at the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District opposing the proposed Resolution No. 21-12, “Resolution Opposing the Teaching of Critical Race Theory.” “If the district is committed to academic freedom,” the AHA writes, “why has it singled out one set of ideas—critical race theory—as a subject that cannot be taught in Placentia-Yorba Linda schools?” The AHA hopes history teachers will not be required to minimize historical transgressions or their influence on the evolution of American institutions. “To do so would be a direct and clear violation of ‘the commitment to teach a complete and accurate account of history.’” The letter includes a statement criticizing similar legislative efforts to restrict education about racism in American history, co-authored by the AHA in June 2021 and signed by 152 organizations.