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News and Advocacy

By providing leadership on current issues, highlighting the work of our members, and bringing the discipline into the public conversation, the American Historical Association is history's most influential and indispensable advocate. Our large membership enhances our influence in legislative and policy arenas, not just in Washington, but wherever we encounter issues regarding access to documents, academic freedom, discrimination, and other challenges affecting the work of historians. At a time of widespread budget cuts, AHA is one of the most important sources of advocacy, reminding policymakers of the importance of continuing to fund the institutions on which history in the United States depends.

AHA Statement of Support for Revised Framework for Advanced Placement U.S. History

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The release of a new "framework" for the Advanced Placement examination in United States History has provoked controversy over the nature and content of the AP course. The AHA supports the direction that the College Board has taken with this new approach to Advanced Placement history education, as indicated in the framework and in the sample exam subsequently released by the Board

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