Call for Applications | The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation New Professorships in Buddhist Studies

Grant Details

  • Institutions of higher education worldwide are eligible to apply for grants up to $300,000 (to be expended over four years) in support of teaching positions in Buddhist studies
  • The proposed position should be a new position. If the proposed position is a replacement for a retirement or otherwise vacated position where Buddhist Studies at the institution would be significantly affected without award funds, the proposal should make that case.
  • The establishment of the position must contribute significantly to the institution. This has been taken to mean establishing a curriculum in Buddhist Studies where none has existed or where such a curriculum was in clear and urgent need of support.
  • Award funds should be used only for the new professor’s salary, benefits, and research expenses, not for indirect or administrative costs, or office expenses. No university overhead is permitted.
  • In addition, applicant institutions are eligible to request funds for costs related to a competitive search for the proposed position. The request must not exceed the $300,000 maximum.
  • A letter must be attached to the application from the institution’s president, vice-chancellor, rector, provost, or dean expressing the institution’s commitment to maintain the seeded position as a permanent, tenure-track post after the expiration of The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Global’s funding, consistent with the university’s policies on tenure-track positions. At institutions without a tenure-track system, the applicant institution must commit to continuing the position for a substantial period after the expiration of grant funding and must provide a description of how this commitment fits its contractual practices.
  • The heart of the application is a statement outlining the proposed position—its responsibilities, departmental location, its rank, the fit with the institution’s mission and curricular plans, and the qualifications sought in potential appointees. The statement should describe the process of identifying the appointee.