Migration History Seminar

The Migration History Seminar presents exciting new research, wide ranging in geography and chronology and in how migration is defined.


All sessions will be held online using Zoom on Wednesdays, 5-6.30pm GMT. Registered attendees will receive a link to join each session ahead of time.


Programme, 2022-23

12 October: Uttara ShahaniCaste, Partition and the Prevention of Exit

16 November: Sophie CooperWomen Write: Comparing Experiences across the Irish Religious Diaspora

7 December: Elise FranklinThreads of Decolonization: Social Institutions and Algerian Family Migration after Empire

18 January: Jessica Fernández de Lara HaradaTranspacific Crossings: Anti-Asian racism in the Euro-Amerindian 'mixed-race' racial system of 'mestizaje'

22 February: Kennetta Hammond PerryThe Prayers of David Oluwale: Writing History Along the Bias Grain

22 March : Freddy FoksEmigration state: subsidising and restricting Commonwealth migration in twentieth-century Britain

19 April: PhD Session - Amelia Francis, Sameema Rahman and Karl Arthur

24 May: Regina DonlonIdentifying and (De)constructing Mutative Ethnicities in the Tuke-Irish immigrant communities, 1875-1920


You can download the programme abstracts here