Call for Papers | Texas A&M University History Conference 2023

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End: November 18, 2022

The History Graduate Student Organization at Texas A&M University is proud to
announce our graduate and undergraduate history student conference. The conference will take place February 17th-18th, 2023. 


The theme for this year's conference is "Between Conflict and Connection." We welcome papers that examine how conflict has torn some nations and peoples apart, while bringing others together. Scholars whose research highlights nonviolent conflict, such as political strife, trade wars, embargos, and more are encouraged to apply. Papers that explore histories of conflict and connection centered on events, the environment, nonhuman actors, inventions, and processes are also welcome. 


Undergraduate and graduate students interested in presenting at the conference must submit a 250-word abstract, along with a CV, by Friday, November 18, 2022. Accepted presenters will have until Friday, February 3, 2023, to submit completed papers, not to exceed ten pages. Any graduate students interested in participating in a "lightning-style" discussion (a short five-minute presentation of your research) on topics related to War and Society, Borderlands History, Transatlantic History, Race and Ethnicity, and Women and Gender Studies should express such interest when sending in their abstract. All submissions and correspondence should be emailed to: