JIS Symposium 2022: The American Century & Its Challenges: U.S., Russia, China (Pasadena, CA)

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End: July 30, 2022
Contact: info@jis3.org
More Info: https://www.jis3.org/symposium2022

It is by now legendary that the 20th century was "the American Century." But, did the West celebrate prematurely the implosion of the Soviet empire? Apart from "Havana Syndrome" (microwave attacks on U.S. diplomats), Putin's Russia, and war to reclaim Ukraine, remains a major geopolitical rival, with its hackers holding U.S. companies hostage for ransom. Of the remaining communist one-party states--People's Republic of China, N. Korea, Vietnam, Laos. Cuba=="China" poses the greatest challenge.  China's hackers excel at stealing U.S. civilian and military tech secrets, while its trade and investment policies aim to create dependent "vassal" states. Thus, U.S.companies are constrained by lack of parts that are manufactured abroad, including strategic high tech and medicines. The question arises: Can the U.S. heal its unprecedented internal social divisions of identity politics, and find the courage to withstand China's "smoke-and-mirrors" gambit for world domination? According to David Goldman's You Will Be Assimilated: China's Plan to Sino-Form the World, "China" has thrown down the gauntlet globally, whose success would signify the ultimate triumph of its "Made in China" strategy. Can democracies compete with dictatorships in the 21st century without becoming like their adversaries? How can U.S. meet the challenges of an uncharted future?