Call for Applications | Graduate Student Workshop: New Directions in the Study of the Arab World

Call for Applications - Graduate Student Workshop 


“New Directions in the Study of the Arab World”


March 6-9, 2022 


The NYU Abu Dhabi Research Institute invites applications for its first Graduate Student Workshop to be hosted in spring 2022 at NYU Abu Dhabi.


The Institute welcomes applications from international doctoral students with the opportunity to present and thoroughly discuss their Ph.D. projects related to the Arab world that are currently in the writing stage. 


The workshop provides the opportunity for current advanced doctoral candidates to present, discuss, and receive valuable feedback on their research. Accepted applicants will pre-circulate a chapter of their project and orally present a short overview of the project, raising questions or challenges to be discussed with the group. 


Participants will read and discuss each other’s work in addition to presenting their own. NYUAD-based scholars in a variety of disciplines will offer feedback on the students’ projects and questions related to research, writing, and professional development. The workshop is also an opportunity to meet, learn from, and develop relationships with colleagues in the field. 


Participants will be required to prepare a 10-minute presentation of their research project, which will be followed by 10 minutes of commentary from an assigned discussant, and a 40-minute open discussion.


Applications are encouraged for projects that range broadly across the arts, humanities, and social sciences related to the study of the Arab world, broadly defined, its rich literature and history, its cultural and artistic heritage, and its manifold connections with other cultures.


The Humanities Research Fellowship for the Study of the Arab World program will cover travel costs to and from Abu Dhabi, accommodation, and meals during the three-day workshop. 


Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, a two-page statement about the research, a one-page work plan with the projected date of completion of the degree, a dissertation chapter or the abstract of the chapter that would be presented, and two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the dissertation advisor.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, NYUAD reserves the right to adapt the conference format and structure and host the event online or in a hybrid format if necessary.


Conveners: Dr. Nathalie Peutz and Dr. Erin Pettigrew 


Application process opens: November 1, 2021

Application deadline: December 10, 2021 

Project selection by: January 10, 2022