Call for Institutional Partners | 2022 Summer Internship Program - Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest at Villanova University

The Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest at Villanova University is soliciting institutional partners to host interns during the summer of 2022.

The Lepage Center will fund Villanova undergraduate and graduate students to work on history projects aimed at serving the public interest. The Lepage Center seeks to partner with institutions that will emphasize mentorship and demonstrate a plan for and commitment to interns' professional and intellectual development.

Internships will require 8 weeks of full-time work (35 hours per week) and should be completed by Aug. 15, 2021. The Lepage Center will award undergraduate interns a $4000 stipend and graduate interns a $5000 stipend.

Partner Eligibility

The intern's primary duties should engage the methods and skills of historians to address some aspect of the public interest. Internships should be mutually beneficial to interns and partner institutions. There are no geographic limitations to partner eligibility, and internship proposals may require work on-site, online, or a mix of both.

Potential partners can review the Lepage Center 2021 Summer Internship program and the Grants awardees for diverse examples of projects that fall under the broad category of history in the public interest. Additional examples include but are not limited to:

  • Research assistant for a policy research center;
  • project assistant for a program to analyze and re-envision the monumental landscape;
  • digitization assistant for making historical materials accessible to online readers;
  • editorial assistant for historical public writing projects.

Application Instructions

Please send a letter of interest and a 2-page resume of the primary internship supervisor(s) in a single PDF to Dr. Elizabeth Kolsky, Lepage Center Director, at

Letters of interest should address the following:

  • What duties and outcomes will define the proposed internship?
  • How does the proposed internship use historical thinking, methods, and skills to address issues of public interest?
  • Who will be the primary internship supervisor(s)? What types of teaching, mentoring, and professional development will they provide for the student?
  • Will this internship be integrated into an existing internship program or is it a stand-alone opportunity?
  • Can this internship, or parts of it, be done remotely? If on-site work is required, what protocols will ensure compliance with CDC safety recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19?
  • Can you tailor this internship to undergraduate or graduate expectations and mentorship, or is it best suited for one over the other?
  • Can you contribute funding toward an internship stipend, travel expenses, or housing? This is not a requirement for successful applications

Application Deadline

Jan. 15, 2022

Award Notification

The Lepage Center will notify applicants by Jan. 30, 2022


Contact Dr. Elizabeth Kolsky, Lepage Center Director, at