Call for Proposals | The Many Faces of War VI: Terrorism through the Ages

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End: June 30, 2021

The Many Faces of War VI: An annual interdisciplinary symposium on the experience and impact of war throughout history

October 14-16 2021 at South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD

The study of warfare is often restricted to the sphere of military history and rarely allowed to transcend the artificial boundaries of historical study, namely those limited by geography and periodization. Throughout the ages war has had the greatest impact, not on the political elite who declare wars but on those who fight and die and their families and friends.

This annual interdisciplinary conference aims to address both the experience and impact of war forthose fighting as well as for those on the periphery of combat.  

This year in honour of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 we encourage a focus on terrorism and associated studies or experiences. In particular, any papers that examine underappreciated aspects of terrorism in any era or location and its human, environmental and societal impact.

We also welcome papers on any and all aspects of military history from any discipline or subfield.

Alongside traditional avenues of military historical study, subtopics of particular interest each year are:

Women in war; the social stigma of retreat or cowardice; war and agriculture; the impact of scorched earth policy on populations; The depopulation of villages; war’s effect on birth or marriage rates of the loss of male citizens; prisoners of war; camp-followers and non-military personnel; displacement of populations; arms production; social security systems for war widows and orphans; the effect of training on a soldier’s mindset and actions (before, during and after combat); the social position of soldiers; peacetime relations between soldiers and civilians; wartime relations between civilians and occupying armies; war as spectacle; laughter in war; literature and poetry of war; the art and architecture of war and remembrance.

The conference is aimed equally at postgraduate students, researchers in the early stages of their careers and established academics. We also hope to have a session or two for undergraduate students.

There are no specific geographical or temporal parameters regarding the subject matter of papers, and scholars and students of ancient, medieval and modern warfare are encouraged to submit proposals. We would also encourage the proposal of panels of three or four papers.

Send an abstract of 300 words and a brief bio to Graham Wrightson ( BEFORE June 30th 2021.