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White House History Quarterly features articles on the historic White House and its occupants. We serve a varied readership, both popular and academic, interested in history, architecture, and biography, all of which we present in the context of the White House and its ongoing traditions. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit proposals for articles, in the form of abstracts, for the editor’s review. Please refer to the Call for Papers for a list of topics currently being considered for general thematic issues: The White House that Wasn’t; Pets and Working Animals at the White House; The White House and New York; Behind the Scenes at the White House; After the White House; Military Roles in the White House; The White House and the Sea; The White House During World War II; The White House and the South; Fine Art and the White House. Additional Topics will be considered for mixed issues and presidential site features.

Authors interested in submitting an article are asked to complete the White House History Quarterly abstract submissions form or contact the publications office at

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