Teaching History Across the Educational Landscape

April 14, 2021 at 11:00 AM ET - Teaching History Across the Educational Landscape with Laura McEnaney (chair; Whittier College and AHA Teaching Division), Kelli Nakamura (Kapi'olani Community College), Derek O'Leary (Bard High School Early College DC), Orlando Serrano (Smithsonian Institution), Luke Waltzer (The Graduate Center, CUNY), and Griselda Wille (Nevada State College) 

Many people pursue advanced degrees in history because they want to teach, and the majority of history PhDs become teachers. College classrooms are only one option for historians who love to teach, interact with students, and share knowledge about the past. In this webinar, we'll meet with history PhDs who work as educators in a wide range of professional settings, including collegiate faculty, high school teachers, museum educators, and university staff whose jobs entail supporting teaching and learning. Join us for a discussion of what it means to teach in these settings and how historians promote historical thinking across the educational landscape. Register here.